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12 kinds of dog shooting skills, give your Cute Dog a photo shoot.

One of the instincts any photographer should have is to capture and discover the beauty of everything and to approach their minds. For example, make some of the cutest, most interesting, and most active photography themes for our beloved dogs. However, just like early childhood photography, it is very difficult to shoot a really good shot because of its unpredictability.

Here are some helpful and useful tips to get the most out of your photos.

Once you know how to make your pet feel comfortable in front of the camera and how to creatively take high quality photos, dog photography is not that difficult, please see the tips below:

1, arrange the time

The success of the filming sometimes depends on the appropriate timing. If the target you are shooting is portrait, when the dog feels sleepy or just woke up, the dog will be more relaxed and natural at this time. If you want to take a vibrant photo, it’s best to take pictures of them when they are most energetic. You can usually play with them in advance to prepare for the next shot.

2, do a good shooting plan to Your Cute Dog

Taking photos and taking photos as you like can give you good photos, but for those really appealing photos, the most important thing to do is the story in the image. Conceive a theme and plan your key shots. When you’re thinking about a theme, you might want to include some props, such as pet toys or food, that will make your dog very excited. You also need to consider the location of the shot. If you are indoors, plan several shooting areas, and arrange some small scenes or arrange some interesting activities, it will add a lot of fun and little stories to your photos.

3, use natural light

When you take pictures of a dog, it is best not to use the flash, because it will scare your dog. And when using the built-in flash, it is easy to cause red eyes. The best way is to use a natural light source. It is best to use a bright diffuse light source when shooting indoors.

Extra tip: Don’t forget that your dog’s eyes should have eye-catching light to avoid letting your eyes look dead.

4, use a higher shutter speed

This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to capture pet photos. Normally, if you want to make the dog clear, you need to use a higher shutter speed to freeze the motion. It is recommended to be around 1/250 of a second. Of course you want to capture some dynamic images, you can also set the shutter speed between 1/5 seconds and 1/20 seconds.

5,Relaxed environment

The most basic purpose of dog photography is to capture the character and personality of your pet. If they are in an unfamiliar place, such as a studio, you are less likely to get this feeling. Go to the park or your home and let your pet relax. This allows them to relax as well.

6, reduce their perspective

Everyone is used to seeing dogs from above, so the dog’s photo from that perspective may not be so noticeable. In order to achieve the best results, shoot their world from below. Depending on the breed of the dog, you may have to kneel or kneel to shoot your dog. The standard is to shoot from their eye level or lower, where you can see the best view of their expressions.

7. Attract their attention

If you want them to stay still, try this simple trick: let them play quietly, once you’re ready, aim the camera, put your finger on the shutter, and call the dog’s name. When they look in your direction, press the shutter quickly and you can focus all of their attention on you and your camera. Once you get their attention, you can take a few photos of them sitting quietly. Be careful not to move suddenly, as this will probably make them jump up with you.

8, focus on the eyes

The eye is the window of the mind, which applies to any living subject. When framing your dog, be sure to focus on your eyes to make sure they are sharp. When capturing the dog’s eyes, whether or not their eyes are looking directly at you, you must pay attention to this moment, because it may be a perfect work.

9. Grab their character

A photo that is better than a cute close-up is a photo that conveys their character. If your dog is a type of play, you must add a lively photo to your shooting plan. If the dog likes to lie on the bed lazily, take a picture of it yawning. These precious photos will be saved forever!

10. Change your perspective

Take as many photos as possible. But the difference is, try to shoot from different angles. In addition to taking photos from above and eye height, try to shoot from the side (especially for larger dogs) from the side, or even from the back. Use your creativity and try to shoot close-up shots of faces, claws and even tails.

11, be patient

In addition to photography equipment and photography skills, another important thing in dog photography is patience and patience. Obviously, pets cannot follow specific instructions unless they are professionally trained. At the same time, they also absorb human energy, so if you feel stressed or depressed, they will feel it and react.

The worst thing you can do is to improve your tone and repeatedly order them to do something that will only make your pet confused or panicked. If they still stay still, you will of course take a picture of them, but their ears are drooping and their eyes don’t look good. Remember, they can feel your feelings, so the more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to get a good shot.

12. Reward your pet

Don’t forget to pay for your models! Give them something they like during the shoot to give them the motivation to work with you. Remuneration depends on you, can be anything from candy and toys to massaging belly or other forms of affection. Snacks can even be used as bait or props to help your pet warm up in front of the camera. Use rewards to make shooting more fun and enjoyable!

As a rule, enjoy a few beautiful dog pictures!

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