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5 kinds of cats to feed the best, especially the first two, no money can get

5 kinds of cats to feed the best, especially the first two, no money can get

Folds is a difficult to feed the cat, because it is often ill, a main pet care and attention, it might serious illness. Many pet owners are raising veteran bad Folds, let alone a novice pet the Lord. Of course, it is difficult to feed the cat has a good feed cat. These five cats on a good feed, of which there are two cats, no money can get.


The first cat: orange cat

This cat does not need to spend money you can get, because it is one of my cats land, and if we want to keep it, will need only rural home, looking for a cat to be one of the people on it. Village folks will not care about a cat. This cat is very good feed, it’s good character, emotions are particularly stable, harmonious talk to pet owners who are living together. And it does not like to go out, just like eating at home, the pet master raise it at home, then, also do not have to worry that it will run out alone.

The second cat: raccoon cat

This cat does not need to spend money, we often see it in the rural areas, yes, it is also one of my cats land, but we do not underestimate this cat, although it is not worth much in our country, but it is in a foreign country valuable. Many foreigners are particularly fond of it, and are willing to pay to buy it. This cat good physique, mainly pet accidentally fed some of it should not eat it, it does not matter, it is at most a few days of diarrhea and vomiting only, not as to die. So even a novice pet owners, it can also keep well, everyone interested in it, you can keep it a try.

The third cat: American Shorthair cat

This pattern cats especially good-looking, do not know if you like it or not. This cat is particularly fond of play, this time to get up from sleeping in it are in constant motion. Precisely because of this, so that its body has been very good exercise, general bacteria, parasites no way responsible for causing harm. That is, it almost never get sick. Almost certainly not good to feed the sick cat, the pet master it just a little attention to diet on it.

The fourth cat: Cats British short

Speaking particularly well to feed the cat, we would have to mention the British short cat. This cat is particularly good physical fitness, but also a little sick cat. Many pet store owners would recommend that novices keep cats, and many veterans are particularly pet owners also like to keep it, because it’s really good to feed, give it something to eat and drink, to give it a place to live it. However, if everyone wanted to keep it, then it should control its diet. Because it’s a great appetite, and if eat too much, it will become particularly fat body, color values ​​are also affected.

The fifth cat: Ragdoll

We do not think that the more “Jingui” cat harder it is to keep, in fact, a lot of “Jingui” cats are very easy to keep. For example, puppet cat is such a cat, cat puppet like clean, it will not tamper with, we just put it home, take good care of its diet on it.

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