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8 common food dogs are eating more and healthier, many people do not know

Of course, the dog always wants the dog to stay with him for a lifetime, so in addition to the usual care, the food dog will eat more and more healthy! See how many dogs have you fed your dog?

1, Apple

Apple contains “pectin”, which is a water-soluble dietary fiber that helps gastrointestinal motility, helps digestion, reduces the number of undesirable bacteria in the intestines, helps beneficial bacteria to multiply, reduces pet diarrhea or diarrhea, and has a bad stomach. The dog can properly feed some apples, or eat the natural food with probiotics to regulate the stomach. When eating apples, be careful not to let the dog eat the apple core!

2, lean meat

Lean meat can provide the dog with the protein, vitamin B, amino acids and other nutrients, preferably beef and mutton. The nutritional value of beef and mutton is significantly higher than that of pork, while the content of fat and cholesterol is much lower than that of pork. Moreover, cattle and mutton contain more amino acids necessary for dogs.

3, egg yolk

The most common food of egg yolk is not only good for people, but also very good for dogs. There are precious vitamin E and vitamin D in egg yolk, which can maintain the health of fur and promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine. To help the fur absorb and decompose nutrients. However, the owner remembers that it is not possible to feed the egg yolk frequently. One or two times a week is enough. The protein must not be fed to the dog. It is easy to cause kidney disease. The eggs must be cooked and cannot be fed with egg yolk!

4, cabbage

Usually, it is best to give the dog some cabbage, because the cabbage helps the dog to digest, it can also improve the resistance of the dog’s skin, and even has anti-cancer effect, but it can’t let the dog eat every day. Once, the amount of cabbage should not be too much. Usually, it is best to cut the cabbage into the dog food and give it to the dog!

5, sweet potato

Sweet potato is rich in vitamins (A, B, C, E,). Vitamin E has anti-oxidant effect, can improve immunity and maintain the health of fur. Sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber and has special function of preventing sugar from transforming fat. It can promote gastrointestinal motility, laxative and prevent constipation, and the vitamin content is particularly high. It can produce new cells in the intestines and promote metabolism. The snacks for training dogs can be selected with sweet potatoes!

6, carrot

Carrots contain plant fibers to enhance the peristalsis of the intestines, and there are also beautiful hair effects on dogs. I think that many people should know, but it is best to cook carrots for dogs, usually with some The nutrient-rich low-salt and low-oil natural food is accompanied by the dog, so the effect will be better, and the homemade dog food can also be added to the carrot!

7, chicken breast

Chicken breast meat is high in protein and low in calories. Protein – sufficient protein can guarantee the growth quality of dog hair, make hair grow faster and stronger, and improve hair splitting. Especially for long-haired dogs, it is less prone to hair loss when protein is sufficient. Chicken breast contains no excess fat, especially for dogs in dieting. It is an indispensable ingredient for animal protein supplementation. In normal training, you can also choose some chicken meat as a snack, reward the dog, both grinding teeth and calcium!

8, natural dog food

Natural dog food is all the main raw materials for dog food. It is natural, without adding any artificial chemical synthetic preservatives, antioxidants, etc., mixed with fresh pure meat, natural grains, plants, animal fats, natural antioxidants, etc. It is made by puffing and granulation. It is easy for dogs to digest and absorb. It does not have any side effects and residues. Long-term consumption can improve immunity, enhance physical fitness, prolong life, and beautiful hairy tears. It is recommended to be not greasy natural dog food. It contains a large amount of fresh meat and deep sea fish oil. It is no problem for the picky dog ​​to hungry for 1-2 hours, but to ensure that the water source is sufficient!

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