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8 tips for keeping your dog in a happy mood, healthy posture

People who have dogs at home have this experience. When you get up early or go out to work, your dog always wanders around you, either holding your legs or pulling your trouser legs. What do you do when this happens, is it smashing it, or just closing the door

For a person who loves dogs, of course, can not make the dog too sad, but it is inevitable to go out, then there is no way to make the dog not sad because of the owner’s departure. In fact, as long as you spend more time and do these preparations, you can make your dog happier!

1, let the dog play by yourself

Dogs that survive in the wild will go around in order to fill their stomachs, but after they become a domestic dog, they are much more comfortable. Some hunting skills are basically not used. At this time, we can bring some educational toys to dogs. Hide the snacks and let the dogs use their brains to take out the snacks.

2, let the dog get used to the regular life

If you let the dog understand what to do at a fixed time, then the dog will not panic, and will not be excited because of an accidental trip. Therefore, the owner of the dog should help the dog develop a good habit, and bring the dog out at a fixed time and feed the dog at a fixed place, which can reduce the anxiety of the dog.

3. Potential training for dogs

Dogs are born with a sensitive sense of smell and a keen sense of hearing. These are the skills that dogs must have in the wild. When the dog becomes a domestic dog, these skills are no longer used for a long time, and it will inevitably degenerate. Therefore, it is very important to train the dog to strengthen the dog’s hearing and smell.

4, teach the dog some new tricks

If you have to keep your dog alone at home for a while, then you can give the dog some new tricks, such as: carts, ferrules, etc., so that even if the owner is not at home, the dog will not be too lonely and alone. Play.

5, find a dog friend for the dog

Dogs and humans are group animals. They often bring dogs to meet some new friends. It is also a good choice for dogs to engage in social activities.

6, find a fixed time to comb the dog

Comb hair can promote blood circulation, reduce the number of times the dog loses hair, and also can find some skin problems of the dog in time, and can make the dog look neat and beautiful. It can be said that there are many benefits, the owner can choose some good as possible. The combing tool allows the dog to develop a good grooming habit.

7, take the dog to go for a ride

Dogs have a bad vision. They basically use the sense of hearing and taste to perceive the world. They take the dog to go for a ride, let the dog’s taste buds and the various flavors in the air fully contact, which is the most for dogs. Happy things.

8, regular inspection

Needless to say, it is almost a matter for every dog ​​family to raise a dog for inspection and vaccination. Keep an eye on the dog’s health. Even if you understand the dog’s condition, keeping the dog in a healthy posture is almost the pursuit of every dog ​​owner.

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