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About Us

About DogsbeCats

IN 2018 we developed dogsbecats.com because we have pure love with dogs and cats and also we want that people take a guide from our love and care. Our main motto is to educate the owners of dogs .people which loves the dogs and cats but due to lack of knowledge they can not makes fit their cats and dogs.

We enable any of our clients to add data to our pages in the event that we may have missed something amid our underlying portrayal reviews. Obviously, we hand alter this data and check for other solid sources to approve all passages. We additionally urge our clients to ask any breed particular inquiries they may have so they can be replied by other people who have claimed the breed. This should be possible on every breed portrayal page. We’ve discovered that the best answers originate from raisers. They want to answer questions and can be exceptionally wise

Time to time we are improving our website. If you think that we need to any change in our post or on our website you can contact with us without any hesitation. Also feel free to contact with us we are happy to hear from you

Thank you 🙂 

For contact with us use our contact Us form submit your mail here and send any feedback. W e are available at any time for you to help

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