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Cat food

Like other mammals, six major nutrients are needed, namely protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. These nutrients are not isolated except for water, but are included in food. Therefore, cats must obtain these six nutrients from food. Although cats eat different foods, they do not contain more than these six nutrients. These nutrients are present in the molecular state in the breeding. The types and contents of nutrients contained are different depending on the type of feed. Therefore, food is the main source of nutrients and the material basis for maintaining normal life activities. The role of various nutrients in cats varies. But they are connected and infiltrated

1 Nutritional factors
▪ Protein
▪ Body fat
2 selection criteria
3 kitten food


Protein is the most important nutrient for cats
Protein is the most important nutrient for cats. It plays an important role in maintaining cat health, promoting growth and development, and ensuring tissue repair. It is not a substitute for any nutrients.
After the protein enters the digestive tract, it is decomposed step by step, and finally decomposed into amino acids and absorbed by the body. . Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized in vivo, or the rate of synthesis is too slow or the amount of synthesis is too small to meet the needs of cat growth and development. Such amino acids must be supplied through food.
Cats require a large variety of essential amino acids, so protein-rich foods must be provided when feeding cats. In general, animal protein is more suitable for the nutritional needs of cats than vegetable proteins. If you ensure that the cats are fed high-protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs, animal offal, etc., the cat grows fast, is healthy, and is resistant to disease.
Especially fresh meat and fish are more suitable for cats. If the low-protein food is fed for a long time, the cat grows poorly, loses weight, loses appetite, and the coat is dull and dull, and susceptible to disease.

Body fat

Body fat is an important substance for storing energy and supplying energy.
Body fat is an important substance for storing energy and supplying energy. It produces more than twice as much calories as sugar and protein. Fat is also a solvent that constitutes tissue cell components and fat-soluble substances. The fat enters the body and is gradually degraded into fatty acids and absorbed by the body. . However, some unsaturated fatty acids cannot be synthesized and are not synthesized. They must be replenished from the ingested food. They are called essential fatty acids, and cats are prone to appear.

2 selection criteria

Many people will ask us what brand of cat food is better. In fact, cats usually have their own tastes, but based on experience and discussions with doctors, we have compiled some general guidelines.
We often hear that cat food bought in supermarkets is actually junk food. This is not just to trick you into buying more expensive brands. Like human food, different brands of cat food are made with different standards. Although most of the cheap cat foods sold in supermarkets are not enough, they will not have any adverse effects on your cat, but they are not the best choice. We found that when cats eat cat food bought in supermarkets, they will eat more, probably because their bodies know the “quantity” to make up for the “quality”.
If your economy is more affluent, the brands you buy at a pet supply store are usually better. We are the first to push NutraPro, and then to Hill’s. There are two new brands on the market, Innova and Wellness, which are more nutritious and worthy of our recommendation. The nutrients they use are the grades that humans need for their nutritional content. Many pet supplies stores will give you a cat food test pack. You can take it home and eat it at home to make sure they like to buy it again. You will find that the cat’s food intake is getting smaller and the amount of stool is decreasing.

Kitten food

A kitten that is less than six months old will give it food for kittens, but if you have a cat at home, it is not easy to do. If the kitten must eat cat food, it doesn’t matter, but it will eat a little more to get enough nutrients. If it is lively, the excess nutrients will be consumed. If you have older or unloving cats, you need to feed the cat food that is lighter (labeled with: lite or light); pregnant or nursing mother cats must eat cat food for kittens.

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