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Cat gastrointestinal health 8 Tips

Are you also doubted your house cat’s stomach is not very good?

Gastrointestinal disease found in cats how should we do?

Cat’s stomach environment unlike humans

Can not be fully applicable to human health tips

Here send gastrointestinal health of the eight tips

Work together to protect the health of the cat’s stomach it!

Keep food fresh

General cat gastrointestinal discomfort, usually eat a bad thing caused by bacterial, viral infection, stomach pain also may occur with symptoms of mental loss of appetite! The owner should properly check the quality of food fed, if the food is not fresh, or damp place for too long , there will naturally be eaten cat uncomfortable reaction. In addition to the freshness of food, clean eating space basin and bowl together, also have to pay attention, keep it clean .

Taboo to eat too much too soon

If the cat every meal such as a clean sweep as quickly lick the bowls, in fact, it is easy to increase the burden of gastroenteritis , or even a blink of an eye put food spit it out. Avoid eating too much too fast a cat, can be used with the use of slow food bowl , or the same amount of food will be distributed into multiple small bowl, place the home in every corner, so while looking for cat eating, eating too fast can effectively correct Bad habits.

Avoid food allergies

Cats and people may be allergic to certain foods, especially to respond to certain proteins, such as beef, chicken, dairy products and so may cause stomach upset cat . Determine whether it is food allergies, need to observe the cat’s appetite, if you have vomiting and diarrhea occurs, but have normal appetite spirit, it may be due to food allergies . By converting the diet, select a single meat, or to avoid food allergy way to improve, or attempt hydrolyzed protein and other hypoallergenic food .

Avoid big changes for Food

Intentioned prepared a new food, let the cat diarrhea? This is probably not suited to play a cat or reaction do not like new things, causing the stomach to digest. It is recommended that you pause to eat, observed after a few hours if there is no abnormal condition, the next meal and then fed half of the old grain to confirm whether gastrointestinal problems because of the change is caused by food.

Also if you want to change the grain, can according to the old than the new grain bread 8: 2 ratio feeding, let the cat become familiar to further increase the proportion of new food after most of the cat about two weeks can be fun to eat the whole bowl of it new grain !

Select the right diet

Selected for each kitten for its food, is the love of its behavior. Like too much greasy food is not suitable for cats , because there are often too high amount of fat, especially in the human diet can not be easily shared with a cat, poor gastrointestinal function can not properly digest these cats love, but cause the body burden.

Reduce stress

If you exclude allergy, food-for, illness and other factors, the cat still pulled and spit, it is likely to be a problem of psychological pressure. Cats are very sensitive animals, if family members change, housing and other furnishings are subject to change, weather changes , may appear depressed mood, loss of appetite or vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. If we can find a way to relieve the pressure of the cat, or the eradication of sources of stress, the situation can be improved.

Regular inspection parasite prevention

Domestic cat roundworm less frequent, but still can not avoid tapeworm, once infected with the parasite, can cause cats stomach pain, pulled out, spit insects. If the infection Giardia lamblia or coccidia, can cause cats to pull blood, Giardia lamblia and even the risk of transmission to humans. But as long as regular deworming parasite can solve the problem , we can observe the usual cat poop to check to see if there are no parasites or blood.

Eat probiotics and enzymes care

To health care through the consolidation of the stomach of the cat, to prevent intestinal flora . If a sick cat to use a lot of antibiotics, probiotics and enzymes can reply using the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Probiotics and enzymes are common for cats gastrointestinal health products, there are different kinds to choose from, specific nutritional supplement, enhance the immune system.

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