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Cat habit What are the characteristics and living habits of cats?

Cat habit

Frequently clean your own hair. Kittens often love to squat and clean themselves. After the meal, it will wipe the beard with the front paws. After urinating, the anus will be rubbed with the tongue, and the person will hold the tongue and use the tongue to lick the hair. This is the kitten’s odor and dirt removed. There are many rough small protrusions on the cat’s tongue, which is the most suitable tool for removing dirt.

Cats are the most hygienic in raising animals at home. You can see that the cat washes his face with his paws every day. Also, each time you urinate in a fixed place, you should use your claws to cover the stool. The habit of cats like cleaning is an important reason why people are willing to raise cats. But is the cat really as hygienic and love clean as people think? In fact, the cat’s grooming “dressing” is entirely due to physiological needs. For example, cats use their tongues to coat their hair, in order to stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, make the hair bright and lubricated, not easy to be wet by water, and can eat a small amount of vitamins’, promote the normal development of bones, can also make the hair fluffy, promote the function of heat dissipation. This point, as long as you pay attention to the time when the cat is good to wash it is not difficult to understand, cats often eat and play, or chase after the prey vigorous exercise and wake up in the sun to start grooming the coat. In the hot season or after intense exercise, a large amount of heat is generated in the body. In order to keep the body temperature constant, excess heat must be excreted. We can solve it by flushing or sweating, but the cat’s sweat glands are not developed and cannot evaporate a lot of water. Therefore, the cat uses the tongue to apply saliva to the coat, and the evaporation of water in the saliva can take away the heat. The effect of cooling down the heat. It is often combed during hair removal to promote new hair growth. In addition, by grasping and biting, it can prevent the hair from being infected with parasitic diseases such as fleas and ticks, and maintain good health.

The behavior of cats covering the feces is entirely due to the instinct of life and is inherited by the ancestors. The cat’s ancestor, the wild cat, concealed the feces in order to prevent invincibility from finding it and tracking it from its scent. This behavior of modern cats has no meaning in this respect, but it has earned the cat a good reputation for hygiene.


Cats still maintain the habit of carnivorous animals, and many activities (such as mousetraps, courtship mating) are often carried out at night. The most active moment of the cat is at dawn or evening, while most of the day is lazy to rest or sleep. According to this habit of cats, the daily feeding time should be placed in the morning and evening, because the various functional activities in the cat body are very strong, not only eat more, but also digest. The time for breeding cats should also be arranged at night to ensure a high success rate. This habit of cats is not popular with cat owners in most cases. In particular, the family’s cats in the city, the cries of the mother cats in the evening and the fights of the male cats are very annoying. The frequent activities of the cats at night sometimes wake people up. Although this is the nature of cats, it cannot be completely overcome, but after training, it may be corrected to a large extent. There are several uses for the cat’s mane behavior.

There are several uses for the cat’s mane behavior. Cleaning the mouth after eating is the most common action, but when the cat is in a bad mood and anyone holds or touches his body, he will use the tongue to get wet and will be quiet, which means that it will be quiet. They don’t like the smell that people bring to them. The cats that use the basin will use the rough tongue to peel off the fur of the abdomen and expose the nipples so that the BB can easily suck the milk. When the skin is sputum or parasitic, the cat also has a mane movement, which is intended to relieve itching.

The cat opened a large mouth, and later two eyes “Mimi”, the body stretched forward, and the front curled tail fluffed up and erected slightly to the side of the body and sometimes whispered, this sign cat Just thinking of the owner to open his mind, stroke, and pay attention to his actions, the owner can use this machine to establish a friendly and mutual relationship (RAPPORT) and this action can also indicate that the cat is in good health, eating and sleeping normally.


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