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Cat is a family member for a lifetime, the seven key to old cat care

The comet is a family of human beings for a lifetime, especially when it is decided to bring the cat home, every breeder should be committed to a lifetime. In particular, the average age of cats ranges from 10 to 20 years, and the average life expectancy of domestic cats is 15.1 years, depending on the environment, diet and health of the Emperor. According to the record, the oldest cat is now 38 years old, named Creme Puff. It can be seen that if the Eid star is properly maintained, it can be with us for a long time.

Creme Puff is the holder of the 2010 Guinness World Record “The Oldest Cat of the Live”, which has lived for 38 years.

Cats are one year old equivalent to 15 years old, which is the most rough calculation method. But for some purebred cats, it can’t be divided so simply because each cat has different sexual maturity ages. Generally, cats are 12 months old. It can be regarded as a “cat”, the cat is 7 years old, the so-called “old cat”, and the old cat’s care is like the elderly, need the care of the minions, then we introduce the home of the old cat Care articles, need to pay attention to matters.

Home care articles

  1. Food, water, and toilets should be placed for convenience.

As the age of the Emperor grows, arthritis or other action problems may occur, making it difficult for them to jump and climb. Old cats may also have bladder problems, so the owner should consider the food, water, litter pots, so that they can easily get food, water and toilet, if the cat has severe arthritis, or is not normal In the toilet, you can choose a single layer and easy to access the litter box. If the cat has serious excretion problems, please take it to the doctor for a comprehensive examination as soon as possible.

  1. Make old cats easier to climb high

Stiff joints can also make old cats difficult to reach her favorite resting place, especially if they are trying to get into these places that are easy to slip, or accidentally hurt themselves, in places they love, such as warm windowsills or At the highest point of the cat’s springboard, add another route that is easy to walk. You can easily jump or climb the destination by placing a chair or purchasing a special pet stair. Especially the old cat needs a longer sleep time, and it can also be placed in its favorite warm rest area to make it feel safe and comfortable.

  1. Moderate game time increases activity

As the cat’s age grows, maybe you are sleeping when you see it. Especially the personality will be relatively warm and not moving, but in fact, the moderate game time will still help to keep them healthy and gentler. The way to increase the activity of the old cat, such as: gently swing its favorite toys, or arrange the place to dry the grain, so that it has a “hunting” feeling.

  1. The home has the attention of the old cat

Don’t move easily or add new furniture to your home.

Cats are easily nervous in unfamiliar environments. Especially the old cats are used to the original range of activities. Like the elderly, they are also prone to blindness or poor eyesight. At this time, it is necessary to avoid moving, relocating furniture, or purchasing. New furniture, because these are easy to form obstacles to cat activities, even if there is really a need to move or purchase furniture, we must remember to let the old cat slowly adjust the environment and the placement of new furniture.

  1. Please approach the old cat carefully and softly

If you have eyesight or hearing problems because of your old age, please avoid scaring it because it suddenly appears. Because cats are very timid and sensitive animals, please remember to make them feel at ease.

  1. Moderately supplement the nutrients that the old cat lacks.

Fresh water and nutritious foods become more important as cats enter the ageing stage. If the old cat has difficulty chewing, you can change the diet to a can and a food that is easy to swallow. In particular, remember the annual health check to find out the health of the cat early.

  • Old cats who are sick need special diets and drugs

Old cats may have health problems and require special diets. Please consult your doctor to determine the best food. For example, feeding canned food or wet food with high water content, also pay attention to calculate calories (suitable for older cats with lower vitality). Some older cats have problems with underweight, so consult a doctor and get the right diet. In particular, older cats may have immune system problems that need to be obtained from additional immune system enhancers such as antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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