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Cat slaves, do you think you can eat bread for cats?

Although we don’t eat bread as a staple food all day, like Westerners, many people have milk and bread for breakfast.

If you happen to have cats, have you ever thought about this question: Can cats eat bread? Also, why do a lot of imported cat foods say that they are grain-free cat food, can’t they eat cereals for cats? Isn’t bread made of grain?

Can cats eat bread?

Simply talk about the conclusion, can, cat can occasionally eat some bread. The main ingredients of bread are carbohydrates and sugar, and the cat’s body can digest, absorb and metabolize these substances in moderation.

Why is it appropriate? Because the main demand of the cat body is protein and fat, it is no problem to eat some bread while satisfying the sufficient intake of protein.

To be fair, if the cat eats cat food every day, it is okay to eat bread as a snack. If you eat bread as a staple food, you won’t be able to.

Let’s take a quantitative analysis of a healthy cat that requires an average of 200-250 calories per day. Compared to the high-calorie food of cat food, human food is low in calories, and so is bread, which is basically around 20 calories.
Therefore, from the point of view of heat, it is almost understandable. Because there is a gap of about 10 times, if you eat bread for a cat, it will be perfect according to the 5-10% of food it eats a day.

For example, a cat eats a bowl of cat food every day (the same as a normal bowl that people usually eat). If I want to feed it with bread, then tear a small piece and eat it. Just assume a The bread just fills a rice bowl, so tear it down one-twentieth. Or use an easier way to control how big a piece is, that is, a big scorpion, or a piece of bread that is no bigger than the little one to eat

What is the nutritional value of bread for cats?

To tell the truth, there is really no, at most, the solution is solved. Even so, the premise is that the cat is healthy, and the bread can only be tasted, not salted, or seasoned. Also pay attention to the salt content of the bread, salted bread is best not to feed, control is not easy to cause the cat’s heart problems.

Which seasoning breads are mainly avoided? These are the garlic and onion flavors on the market. These two ingredients are poisons for cats.

Hide large pieces of bread, don’t let the cat eat it.

The above said that you can not eat, eat how much, what ingredients of bread can not eat.

Finally, it is necessary to prevent the cat from eating large pieces of bread, especially salt, garlic and onion.
Once you find that it has bitten a large piece, it is best to stop it immediately. If you have already eaten it, if you have already eaten it, you should contact the pet doctor to see how to deal with it.

in conclusion

After reading so many precautions, in fact, I personally feel that it is best not to give it to eat. If the cat eats cat food, the nutrition is balanced enough, and there is no need to take bread as a snack.

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