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7 tips for raising cats

Feeding It is highly recommended that you feed cats with special cat food. Feeding method: Put a bowl of cat food daily. After eating and then filling up, the kitten will control the demand by itself, without worrying about greed. Drinking water requirements: fresh water must be provided daily (pure …

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Five common cat health conditions

It is normal to change the cat’s lifestyle, especially when the disease is onset, and it is important to meet the cat’s nutritional needs. The following are five common cat health conditions that can be improved, at least in part, by a veterinary diet. Cat lower urinary tract disease Proper …

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23 tips for keeping cats healthy

How to keep your cat at home healthy and have a good night’s sleep is a problem that many shovel officers worry about every day. Let’s summarize the common problems together. I hope that you will be safe, scientific, and happy to raise cats. sneeze If your cat’s cat sneezes …

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7 feeding tips for healthy cats

People love and pamper their cats, and love them with snacks and feelings. Cats can develop weight problems as freely as humans. According to a study reported by the Pet Obesity Prevention Association, an estimated 57% of cats are overweight or obese. And is snacking healthy for your cat? It …

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