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Lion cat

The lion cat, also known as the Lining Lion Cat, originated from Lining, Shannon Province. It was a hybrid of the original Persian cat There are two kinds of sayings about their origin: one is the descendant of the Turkish Ankara cat originating in the Nanjing area of ​​USA., and …

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Chinese Cat

Sichuan Jianzhou cat (four-eared cat), three-flowered cat , white cat, black cat (mysterious cat), black and white cat, yellow cat , Shandong lion cat and many other varieties, of which raccoon cat and yellow raccoon are the most common (gray The raccoon cat is relatively rare. The orange cat is …

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How to raise a cat

First, how to choose a kitten: If you want to raise a cat, in addition to being able to go to a veterinary clinic or a pet shop to adopt a newborn kitten, another way is to ask for a friend or relative to a trusted and legal pet store. …

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British short blue cat

The British Short hair is a purebred version of a traditional British native cat with a distinctly chunky body, dense coat and wide face. The early Chinese called it the British short blue cat, and the scientific name should be called the British short hair blue. The most familiar color …

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Why are cats colder than dogs

  The dog’s domestication history is at least 30,000 years, and the cat begins to get along with people, only about 9500 years ago. This is very consistent with your intuition. In any way, dogs are always willing to be good partners of human beings, while cats often show people …

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