Saturday , February 16 2019


German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is native to Germany, but the source of the specific lineage is not clear. It is only known that since 880, this variety has been fixed in various parts of Germany and used as a shepherd dog. The German Shepherd is very agile and can adapt to …

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Dog life essential supplies

Samoyed dog on the lawan with her puppies 1-Keeping a dog is not just a matter of holding a dog home. Like humans, dogs also need a lot of equipment in their lives. Let me introduce the necessities of the dog’s life first. Friends who are planning to buy a …

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Labrador feeding scale

The Labrador is a very good guide dog with a gentle personality, good training, and obedience. Labrador is a large dog, generally very greedy, want to make the Labrador dog better, then you must pay attention to feeding, when to feed, how many times to feed each day, what to …

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My former puppy

I remember that when I was three or four years old, I had my first pet at home.Xiaobai never screams, every night when I sleep, it never screams, but every morning, Xiaobai always calls me to wake up with a loud voice, every day I hear this voice, the primary …

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