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Dog life essential supplies

Samoyed dog on the lawan with her puppies 1-Keeping a dog is not just a matter of holding a dog home. Like humans, dogs also need a lot of equipment in their lives. Let me introduce the necessities of the dog’s life first. Friends who are planning to buy a …

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Dogs have gradually become adapted to human habits in the long-term life with humans, but some foods are still inappropriate for dogs. Parents should know something about this?

1-Shrimp, crab, cuttlefish, octopus, sea otters and other dogs eat easily lead to indigestion. 2-Don’t feed the chicken bones to the dog. The chicken bone is brittle, and it becomes a small piece after being crushed. The tip of the small piece is particularly sharp, and the dog is easy …

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How to raise a cat

First, how to choose a kitten: If you want to raise a cat, in addition to being able to go to a veterinary clinic or a pet shop to adopt a newborn kitten, another way is to ask for a friend or relative to a trusted and legal pet store. …

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