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Cats are always sick in winter? That’s because you didn’t use these 5 tricks!

Speaking of winter, it is definitely a season that cats don’t like the most. The cold weather and the reduction of light time will make the cat feel extremely uncomfortable.

At the same time, winter is also the season with the highest incidence of cats. The most troublesome is the epidemic of cats and cats, the depression of cats and depression.

So in the end, should everyone shovel officials do the work of keeping the cat warm and safe for the winter?


Pay attention to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor

In fact, the most common cause of the cat’s cold is not because the temperature is too low, but because the temperature difference is too large, for example, the indoor heating is very good, suddenly the window is ventilated, and the rapidly falling temperature is the culprit causing the cat to catch a cold. !

There is no heating in the north in the south. Generally, the air conditioner and the small sun are used for heating. Therefore, the cat’s nest must be warmed up. Bo teacher’s exclusive recommendation for the deer blanket is really super easy to use. If necessary, you can also buy an electric blanket for the master. use.

Remember, ventilation through the window is necessary, but it is best to wrap it around with a small quilt before ventilation.

The owner went to work, and the cat was left alone at home. It is recommended to put a cushion on the top of the refrigerator or under the bed. The cat will have a good chance to sleep and warm in these places.


Diet and water

In fact, there is no need to change too much in the diet. Normal rations can be used, but the amount of nutrient cream and cat lysine (cat lysine) can be increased. The thin cat recommends buying a few cans to help it increase protein. If you are a fat cat, you will let the fat burn to keep your body temperature in the cold of winter, instead of letting the sun squeeze the oil in the summer!

Drinking water can be replaced with warm water, but in fact few people can do it, and the cat itself will not drink particularly cold water in winter.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the cat will not be short of water in winter, put the water slightly back to room temperature for a while, of course, a hanging marble drinker or automatic drinker can also solve this problem.


a small emotion that suddenly pops up in winter

Winter causes a shorter daytime, which means less sunlight, and sunlight affects levels of melatonin and serotonin. This can lead to fatigue, anxiety and sadness in people and cats.

This situation is called: seasonal affective disorder (SAD), not just a human suffering. Cats can also become frustrated by the winter.

Buy a light-emitting UV lamp that turns on for hours in front of your cat every day. This type of lamp is generally used in greenhouses to help grow plants and is very easy to buy.


High incidence of infectious diseases

Winter is the season with the highest incidence of cats and cats. These two infectious diseases, especially for kittens, are very dangerous. It is absolutely vital to not take necessary precautions.

The best way to prevent kittens is to vaccinate them, neither too early nor too late. The kittens will have very weak resistance after the mother’s antibody disappears, and it is easy to contract various diseases, and it is best to inoculate at 2-4 months of age.

At the same time, the shoes and outerwear worn by the owner should avoid contact with the cat, because there are viruses that can carry the cat disease, which is why the indoor cat is also infected.

Vitamins, lysine and other trace elements have a crucial impact on enhancing cat immunity!


Protect your valuables

Well, you know, warm beds, warm laptops, warm cow and sheepskin bags. . . There is also your warm face. If the cat owner is destroyed, it will not leave you a face~

So in order to cherish your bag, it is better to put some corrugated boxes, shoe boxes and the like in the home, and put some mats. After the cat is tired, you can rest in these places, and go home and look for them everywhere. .

Finally, indoor cats are cold, uncomfortable, and oppressive during the winter. With the caring care of the host, their hearts are definitely warm.

But if you see small stray cats appear on the road in the winter and give some rations to them, such a small kindness may allow them to survive the whole winter.

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