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Cats hate the five kinds of people, especially the fifth, can not “blow your cat”

Cats hate the five kinds of people, especially the fifth, can not “blow your cat”

Most people like cats, but most people but was hated by the cat. Especially the five people, cats are the most annoying people, we want to keep a cat, the cat wants to get along, then it should not become the five people.

The first person: too warm person

Man should not be too warm, and now people can not stand someone sudden passion, cat, too, the cat is a slow-cooked pet, it is different with the dog. Dog really likes her owner can take their particular passion, the passion of its owner, the more fun it is. But the cat is not the same, see cat owners so enthusiastic, will be particularly afraid. It will even away from particularly warm host for the first time. Others, especially the enthusiasm of it, it is even more afraid, I will be watching far away. So, if everyone wants to be particularly fond of the cat people, it is necessary to calm down, do it so enthusiastic.

The second person: the person too cold

Some people may think so, since not too warm, too cold that I can do? That of course is not the cats do not like people particularly cold, especially if you are indifferent to cats, then cat will be more indifferent to you. A man so cold a cat to live together? I’m afraid you do not want to see this picture, so you do not for the cat so cold. But you do it so warm. If you want to be a cat like people, you must master the middle of this degree, master’s degree among cats would particularly like you.

A third person: the person who has a strange taste

Cat’s sense of smell is also very powerful, it can smell a lot of us humans smell the smell, some smell like the smell of cats, such as cat mint flavor. We can be painted on his body a little catnip, cat must really like relying on you, but there are some particularly nasty cat smell, such as orange peel flavor, the taste of paint and so on! We must not let himself stained with these odors, these cats hate the smell, they would even have those who hate the smell of you.

The fourth person: voices of people particularly

We do not look particularly high cat always cold, in fact, they are afraid of, for example, or noise is particularly loud sound of a lot of things, they are very afraid. And those voices are always particularly large, they also will be annoying. So, if you want your cat likes, then they must control their own voice, do not let your voice is particularly large. So the cat does not hate you.

A fifth person: grumpy people

Cats do not like being beaten, but especially cats hold a grudge, if you hit it once, then it will become particularly hate you, after all it does not really close to you. Therefore, we must not become a grumpy person, otherwise the cat will be hated, to the time, you can not “blow your cat” was.

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