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Causes and treatment of abnormal dog temperature

Abnormal body temperature

Symptoms: A fever with a body temperature of 39 to 40 degrees or higher. No spirit, lack of appetite. There have been cases of abnormal cough and feces. Breathing too fast

Disease name: Dagu fever, acute bronchitis, acute pneumonia, acute tonsillitis.

Causes: bacteria, fungi, viral pathogens.

Treatment: Quiet, warm, replenish nutrition, seek medical attention.

Symptoms: Sudden high fever, fever to 40 ° C or more overnight. The spirit and appetite are not good. He was shaking in one place. Defecation has blood

Disease name: Infectious hepatitis.

Cause: Filtered pathogens.

Treatment: Get medical attention early, keep warm, and keep quiet.

Symptoms: High fever and difficulty breathing, it is difficult to breathe horizontally. The body temperature is as high as 41 degrees or more. Full body convulsions. Suddenly fell in motion.

Disease name: heat stroke (including sun exposure, hot roasting).

Cause: Exercise under direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity.

Treatment: Cool the head and body, apply a cardiotonic agent, etc.

Symptoms: Some are infertile, continue to diarrhea, but the appetite is flat. There is always a high heat of 39 to 39 5 °C. There are convulsions in the limbs or head. The nose and soles are dry.

Disease name: chronic canine distemper.

Treatment: Quiet, warm, food therapy, medical treatment.

Symptoms: The body temperature is below normal temperature, the spirit and appetite are reduced, and there is continuous soft stool and diarrhea. The urine color is very strong. The color of the mucous membrane and conjunctiva is not good in the day, the limbs are cold, and there are vomiting and bloody stools.

Disease name: canine hook-and-spin disease, intestinal parasite, malignant swelling.

Causes: bacteria, various parasites, canine filariasis.

Treatment: warm, forced feeding, the right medicine.

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