Saturday , February 16 2019

Do you have a cat and dog together? My cat is miserable by the dog.

My family’s Mimi, I have been raising her to one year old, and later I have to go to work in the field to separate from her. I am afraid that she will buy a Chihuahua at home to accompany her. I hope that they can play together. Later, after two months, I went home on May Day. I saw that my Mimi had lost two whole laps. The original fat body, now the skin on my stomach is pulling, the spirit is not very good, I saw distressed. Straight tears, hehe. . . . .
Later, according to my observations at home for a few days, it turned out to be the reason of the dog (at least I think). I found that the dog and Mimi’s schedule was different. When the cat was alone at home, one day could sleep. For more than ten hours, now that I have this noisy dog, Mimi’s feelings are no longer asleep. She has been sleeping in a state of alertness or curiosity, and she is very fierce, her dog. The food does not eat, specifically to catch cat food with the cat, Mimi eats, the dog will be called the fierce, the Mimi will only stop eating two or three mouths, it is estimated that this is not enough for a long time
Moreover, dogs like to provoke Mimi. Everyone who has raised a cat knows that cats like to play with themselves, and dogs like to provoke cats and make them bite together. I think Mimi is very lazy, but Dogs like to chase cats, I am so depressed.

Also, dogs like to go to the litter box to play, sometimes even sleeping inside. . . It makes the cat sometimes forced to be outside, hehe. . . I think even if I change to a closed litter box, if the dog likes it, it will still go in. If I go on like this for a few more months, I don’t think I can see the cat. I suggested with my mother that I want to take them. Keeping up separately, at least my cat can have enough to eat, sleep well, hehe. . . I hope it will be effective.
Do you have any experience with cats and dogs? Let’s talk about it

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