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Do you know some common sense of dog walking?

When raising a dog, taking a dog out for a walk every day seems to have become a “dog-raising way.” Therefore, when you want to raise a dog, the main feeding must take the dog out for a fixed time every morning and evening. However, I don’t know if everyone knows that taking a dog out for a walk at the same time every day will make the dog become willful.

The dog is very sensitive to time. If you go out for a walk at 6:00 in the morning and at 5 o’clock in the evening, it will remember this time as long as it lasts for a week. In the future, whenever the “walking time” is approached, the dog is ready to go out. If the owner is just busy, it will naturally urge the owner, restless, and even scream.

In the current residential environment, when the dog is screaming, in order to be afraid of neighbor protests, the owner will take it out for a walk as soon as the dog asks. In the long run, this “forced by the dog, have to go out” behavior will endanger the leader’s leadership. Therefore, the focus of the training is that the time for walking cannot be too regular. No matter when you go for a walk, you must cooperate with the owner’s convenience.

As long as you don’t decide on a fixed walk time, the dog will not be restless and will not bark at a specific time. “Today’s weather is very warm, I have time, I am going to walk alone and boring, I will take you for a walk!” I used to teach dogs with a correct attitude when I was a child. I believe that taking a dog out is no longer a daily walk. The routine of troubles.

In addition, many owners regard walking and casual stools as “supporting operations”. Once you get into the habit, you really can’t go out for a walk, you can’t defecate, urinate, in order to avoid the dog’s urinating affects your health, so every day, 365 days, regardless of wind and rain, you must bring The newspaper, the plastic bag, was led by the dog. However, it is not the dog’s habit in the outdoor, but the “tune-up” of the owner, which has created a dog that pee in the outside and urinate.

Therefore, it is necessary to separate walking and excretion from an early age. You can choose a home courtyard or a toilet that is designated as a dog. Let the dog learn to take it there, and let it defecate, drain, and then wind and rain. Or the front attack, do not have to worry about the physical problems of the dog.

Popular dogs like Labrador and Golden Retriever have been popular in recent years, so the following scenes must be seen frequently: “The sturdy dog ​​is desperately rushing forward, and the owner holding the dog chain is being chased afterwards. “This kind of situation represents a reversal of power.” The dog will go to the place where he wants to go. The owner is only able to follow the dog under the leadership of the dog. It is impossible to control the action of the dog, and it is easy to have problems. For example, when you see other dogs, you are glaring or screaming, even rushing out of the fight, causing a bite (whether winning or losing) or the owner being pulled and falling. It has been said before that dogs are groups of animals, and group activities help to hunt for survival.

Walking with the host is also a group activity. Even if it is not hunting, the dog will be excited. Especially when the walking route is fixed, the dog will have a strong sense of the field.Only when the master is in a leadership position will the situation not be out of control. Therefore, the usual owner must master the command, take the dog to the place where the owner wants to go, don’t let the dog walk in front of the owner, and become a dog, not a dog. Dog trainers often use the “lead training” method. The key to this method is that they must not be in contact with the dog’s line of sight. They must be completely ignored, and they should not talk to the dog. Do not pull the dog tightly and keep the dog loose. When the dog walks in front, it immediately changes the blood of the party, and the blood goes in the opposite direction.

When the person is changing the blood, the dog will be tightened, and the dog’s neck will feel uncomfortable. However, because the eyes are not handed over, it does not know that the owner is “ghosting”, so he will follow the direction of the person. When it comes to the front of the owner again, it is necessary to change direction again, and to go according to people’s preferences. The training will continue to be more ideal for different people.

When walking, the dog urinated on the tree at once, and went to the pole to go to the urine (especially the male dog, it seems that the urine is not finished), this behavior of marking, everyone will not be unfamiliar. For dogs, this kind of behavior represents the announcement to the public “dog”, this is its field. This kind of announcement tells the world that the behavior of the site is like a person sending a business card. This is the behavior caused by the dog’s “power instinct.” If the owner thinks that “marking” is the dog’s nature, it is not stopped, and letting the dog do it, it will lead to its power instinct. The dog’s power instinct is inversely proportional to its obedience. The growth of power instincts will lead to a decline in obedience.

Submission” is not a derogatory dog, abusing dogs. In fact, when the dog is obeying the owner, he will feel comfortable and can spend every day without any pressure. Of course, the owner must first treat the dog with deep love, and the dog will obey the owner. As the dog’s power grows, the nerves are at a standstill, causing stress. And because it is not obedient, it will cause great trouble to the owner. In order to benefit the dog’s training, in the process of walking, the owner must master the mastership, do not let the dog make a mark when walking, but also keep the environment clean and tidy.

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