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Do you know the breeding notes of Golden Retriever?

Hello everyone, today Xiaobian brings you a new breed of dog. This dog breed ranks fourth in the dog IQ rankings. It has hair like a royal aristocracy. It is golden in color and treats other creatures with special friendliness. I believe that many dog ​​lovers have already guessed that it is our big warm male golden hair, also known as the gold retriever. It dates back to 1865, when Scottish popular hunting, our Golden Retriever was made up of a mixture of yellow Labrador retrievers and now extinct Rab water retrievers. After the late variety improvement and cultivation, our big warm male golden hair

So how can we get the best continuation of such precious bloodlines? Today, Xiaobian will bring you to discuss the breeding and breeding problems of the warm-hearted male golden hair we love.

Recently, Xiao Bian has a friend’s family’s mother Jin Mao to the age of cultivation, to ask Xiao Bian how to cultivate a good dog… For the warm-hearted man we love, in order to pass on the good genes. Xiao Bian can do a lot of work under the class to study, and now share this knowledge to the majority of Golden Retriever fans!

The first and most important point is the selection of matches. Choose genetic orthodoxy, strong body, healthy and temperate warm men and our gentle and healthy gentle lady to cultivate a good next generation, so that their excellent genes can continue, people do not want genes can be slowly wiped go with. This is the purpose of our selection.

The second point is that we need to know the sexual maturity age of Golden Retriever. They are not like human beings. They are estrus in all seasons. (From the perspective of body type, our big golden hair is a medium-sized dog, and the medium-sized dog is born at a sexual maturity age. After the period between July and August. But at this age, it does not mean that our golden hair can be considered for breeding, because at this time our golden hair is not well developed and cannot produce the best offspring.

Therefore, we have to wait until they are mature, the female dog is generally mature at the 18th to 20th month after birth, and has the ability to nurture. Male dogs develop late and often have good reproductive capacity when they are two years old. However, the best breeding time for male dogs is between the ages of two and eight, which is still a big advantage over the female dogs. Before breeding, you must pay attention to strengthening proper exercise and exercise, and nutrition must be kept up. Therefore, they have a stronger body and ensure their enthusiasm and love for work. This will ensure that the dog that is cultivated is excellent.

The third point is that the most important point is when the dog’s estrus period is normal. The sexual maturity of the big gold hair is usually between three to five months of spring and nine to eleven months of autumn. There are two estrus periods each year, and the interval is roughly half a year. In the case of a bitch, vaginal bleeding is a sign of estrus. Generally this process will last for about twenty-one days, which is three weeks. Vaginal bleeding in older bitches may be delayed by one to two days.

Today, we will bring you a little knowledge of Golden Retriever. If you want to know more about Golden Retriever, you can follow the follow-up article of Xiaobian. I wish you all the golden hair lovers can cultivate excellent dogs.

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