Saturday , February 16 2019

Do you think that a dog in a Christmas photo will be very cute, and there are more wonderful reasons?

My mother once said very seriously that she just couldn’t understand why people would want an animal to live in their house. Although her opinion is probably the same as most people, there are certainly many reasons not to raise a dog, clean up the excrement, the hair on the furniture, and should not bark. However, I feel that the benefits of having a dog outweigh the inconvenience of having a dog.

In my relationship with people and their dogs, I often hear unusual reasons for raising dogs. No matter what the initial motivation is, it is true that the dog is really accepted as a partner. It is really looking at it as a person.

My friend is a dog trainer who always trains dogs that are unruly or even biting. I realized that these dogs may not be a pleasant companion in some environments.

People hired my friends to conduct behavioral assessments and training, and he was only one of the guardians there. In addition to him, there are his wife, a nanny, a child. These are actually dog ​​guardians. They are invited to educate their dogs and it is impossible to do a lot of necessary follow-up work by themselves.

When friends were there to teach them how to train and train with the dogs, they seemed very angry and told my friends that they wanted to manage the dog and let it not leave a noisy. Friends realize that this means only having to teach their dogs to sit still without disturbing them.

Once, friends asked them why they were raising this dog, and the answer was still shocked. They think that a dog in a Christmas photo of their family will be very cute.

This is not the only time I was surprised by the response to why someone adopted a dog. One of the most memorable answers to this question came from a shy young man who replied shyly that women like dogs.

It is commendable that he is good for dogs and the quality of life of dogs is the highest. After all, in order to help him meet potential dates, dogs must be happy, charming, and well-behaved.

This man wants his dog to be happy, healthy, and well-behaved because he cares about the dog, and in order to convince the woman that he is a reliable guy, he is like this! He also hopes to make dogs a social facilitator by encouraging women to approach.

Spoiler alert: He met his wife while hiking with the dog. In order to make the story perfect, his dog helped him to gain confidence and learn how to play.

Most people have dogs for the foreseeable reasons. They want to share the friendship that life brings with dogs. Many people have dogs and can’t imagine life without dogs. It is very common for dogs to grow with their children. Others like to hike dogs is a good partner, usually running or walking is not bad.

What is the benefit of having a dog for you?

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