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Dog food

Can pork, chicken, beef, and dogs eat? Can milk dogs not eat? Explain, thank you!

Pork, chicken, beef, and dogs can all be eaten. But pork is lean and less fed. Chicken, beef, and fish can
be eaten by dogs . Dogs can’t eat chocolate / onion / pointed Bone/
dog has gradually become something to eat in the long-term life with people, but some foods are not suitable for dogs. We should know something about this.
Shrimp, crab, cuttlefish, octopus, jellyfish and other dogs eat easily lead to indigestion, and can not feed dogs.
Besides the bones, the dog always said that it loves the bones, but if it is necessary to feed the bones for calcium supplementation, it is better to use beef bones and pork bones. Chicken bones are not suitable. The chicken bone is brittle, and it becomes easy to become a small piece after being crushed, and the tip of the small piece is particularly sharp, and the stomach and intestine are easily scratched after the dog is swallowed.
Fish bones are also as dangerous as chicken bones, so dogs should not be eaten. But the fish that can be made canned because the thorns are already crispy, so the problem is not big.
Chicken legs, chicken breasts and other rich quality eggs are self-quality, but the disadvantage is excessive phosphorus. If you are feeding the whole nutritious dog food, you should take extra care when feeding the dog. Because it is easy to cause new nutritional imbalances. Seasonings such as pepper, pepper, mustard, mustard, and ginger can affect the dog’s olfactory sensitivity, so don’t feed it.
In addition, as everyone knows, it is not possible to feed the dog with the onion head, because eating more onions can cause poisoning. The symptoms are that dialysis with strong brown color will be discharged within one or two days after eating, accompanied by dysentery and vomiting. This should be especially concerned.
Many dog ​​owners have a habit of giving the dog something to eat. The character of a dog is often that the person who comes is not as good as it is, and how much to eat. But you know no, many people can eat things, dogs can not eat. If you don’t pay attention, it will affect the health of the dog and even endanger the life of the dog!
1. Salt-dried dry foods such as salted fish, small fish and dried shrimps, bacon, food ham and cured meat, etc., can not be fed to dogs.
2. Foods with too much mustard and chili will cause the dog’s mouth. Gastrointestinal ulceration, can not feed dogs.
3, onions are definitely not food that can be fed to dogs. Onions are highly toxic to the blood of dogs, and eating too much can cause acute anemia and even life-threatening. Western food uses more onion garnish, and some hamburgers contain onions, although the amount is small, but it will have a great impact on small dogs.
4. The bones of birds such as chickens, ducks, and geese are small and hard. It can’t be chewed like a pig or a cow’s bone by a dog’s teeth, especially if the puppy can’t chew it. Dogs swallow these bones, sometimes piercing the throat or stomach, causing the dog to lose its life. Therefore, when feeding dogs, ducks, and goose, be sure to remove the bones.
5. Refrigerated milk, ice cream and other dairy products cannot be given to dogs, especially for puppies that are not fully developed. Usually a few mouthfuls of cold milk will cause diarrhea in puppies, which will form habitual diarrhea in the long run , leading to weak dogs and hinder the growth of puppies. In fact, even heated milk and other dairy products can only feed dogs in small quantities, and the dog’s stomach is not suitable for such foods.
The essential nutrients for dogs
1. Protein
is an important component of blood, muscle and skin. Proteins containing essential amino acid components in the body are high quality proteins.
2. Fat
is the source of heat in the body. The remaining part is stored in the form of subcutaneous fat.

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