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Dogs healthy eating tips

Dog healthy diet tips

Everyone knows that dogs, like people, need a healthy diet. An unhealthy diet can cause indigestion in dogs, malnutrition, resulting in a thin appearance, and some dogs may even get sick because of an unhealthy diet. The people who keep the dogs believe that they are very dog-loving, so as their owners, they must give them a reasonable diet.

It really takes a lot of work to give the dog a reasonable diet. Not only should we pay attention to the rationality of nutrition, but also pay attention to whether the things the dog eats are good for them.

Let’s first say something that dogs can’t eat:

1. Chocolate, dogs can not eat, eat will die, do not ask why, anyway, remember not to eat it.

2. Salt, eating salty things can cause kidney failure in dogs.

3. Sweets and greasy foods will not only cause the dog to gain weight, but also cause problems in the dog’s internal organs. It may also be life-threatening after a long time.

4. Raw meat and poultry meat, this is very dangerous. Everyone should remember that because these meats contain Salmonella and Bacillus, the dog’s immune system is not as strong as humans, and it is easy to adapt to these things, so it is easy to kill, so be sure to pay attention. .

5. Moldy food, when the dog eats moldy, it will cause muscle twitching and atrophy, and then death. Therefore, the shovel officers must not feed the dogs, but also prevent the dogs from turning over the trash cans.

6. Bones, some owners give the dog a bone in order to supplement the dog’s calcium, but sometimes the dog will accidentally swallow those tiny bones into the stomach, which will easily cause the dog’s intestines. Received damage. We can buy some calcium tablets to make calcium for dogs.

7. Onions and garlic, first, they are irritating things, can not eat after. Second, they contain sulfur, which will destroy the dog’s red blood cells, causing anemia in dogs.

8. Fruit, many people are willing to give dogs food, but remember to be appropriate, eat too much may also hurt your life.

Let’s do a healthy diet for everyone, do it yourself, because some shovel officials think that dog food can’t keep up with it, then do it yourself.

Ingredients: chicken breast, chicken leg, beef, cornmeal, carrot, pumpkin, potato, cabbage

Steps: 1. Cook the chicken, chicken, beef, and minced with a meat grinder. If not, try to break it. If you can’t do it, you will first make these three kinds of meat into meat, and then steam back.

2. Chop the potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, and carrots, put them in the pot, then pour the three kinds of meat that you just cooked and crushed, and then add 3 eggs and mix well.

3. Add more cornmeal, then knead the cake and put it in the pan to steam.

4. After steaming, let cool, then put it in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator for freezing. Remember to freeze it. When you eat it, take the appropriate amount of food in the microwave according to the amount of the dog. You can eat it. Convenience.

If you feel that the troublesome little masters can also buy dog ​​food for dogs, there are too many nutritious dog foods about dogs on a certain treasure. There are also many nutrients about dog nutrition. The effect is the same, the masters can buy the dog to eat.

Finally, I would like to remind you that we must prevent the nutrition process and cause obesity when we supplement the dogs.

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