Saturday , February 16 2019

Dogs see Santa for the first time.

According to the British “Mirror” reported on December 22, the children and Santa Claus seem to have become a tradition at Christmas, and their expectations and surprises are often expressed in words. But do you know what the dogs will do when they meet Santa Claus?

Recently, a video of a dog and Santa Claus meeting for the first time became popular. A hotel in eastern Ireland invited Santa Claus to send holiday blessings to its customers, and the dogs showed great interest in Santa’s visit.

Some dogs express their friendship with Santa Claus with their tails and their relatives; some dogs are dedicated to enjoying the delicious meal sent by Santa Claus. Of course, there are also dogs that are “dismissive” to Santa Claus. Some of them try to leave the scene with a big swing, and a puppy is actually sleeping.

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