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Eight dogs were thrown in the South Pole for half a year by the owner. When the owner arrived, the surviving dog behavior was abnormal!

Everyone knows that sled dogs are very powerful. Most sled dogs are the kings in the snow. They can pull people to swim on the snow, but if they are not in charge for half a year, can they still survive? This movie is a snippet from The Adventures of Antarctica.

The film tells the story of the Antarctic mission guide and the eight dogs. The guide was played by Paul Walker, who had eight cute sled dogs in the Antarctic. This calm was broken by the ex-girlfriend and a professor of the man.


The professor wanted the man to take him to explore, because the dangerous man refused, but he was eventually dragged by the sled dogs, but the road was violently tempered, and the professor was in distress. These dogs were the dogs. The dog bravely saved him.


When they finally returned to the camp, the male owner had been blackened by the frozen hands, so he was transferred to a safe place, and the dogs were left in the South Pole. After the male master was ready, he wanted to come back to save the dog, but there was no money, so the dogs lived alone in the Antarctic for 175 days.

When the man finally found the funds and partners to come to the rescue, in fact, everyone is not hopeful, but in the end there are still five dogs to survive. They were very abnormal when they greeted them on the train. It turned out that there was a dog leg that was injured and could not move. This is to signal the male owner to save it in the past.

The man looked at the injured dog and was ashamed of it, so he quickly took his own dog back. This movie has also touched countless people. Everyone is worried about these dogs. Have you seen this movie?

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