Saturday , February 16 2019

Every time the Christmas tree is taken down by a dog, now I have to put the Christmas tree in a different way.

Many owners said that according to their experience, their own Wang Xingren and the Christmas tree can only choose one.

In order to defend the Christmas tree, the eunuchs opened their brains and came up with various anti-dog tricks. The most common thing is to surround the trees.

So high, are you despising me?

There is a horse with a bounce in the house. The owner said that he is very worried. It costs a lot of money to fence.

A fajar received a message from his father that this year’s Christmas tree is guaranteed to be foolproof…

The direct consequence of the dog’s spicy hand-breaking tree is that the big tree has no market, and the small tree becomes fragrant. After all, the small size is better.

There are also masters who have no choice but to send out a big killer, a lot of dogs are afraid of the vacuum cleaner! Like the left and right guards, I don’t know how long I can keep.

The owner simply left half of the tree, the ugly is ugly, and better than the whole tree was destroyed.

There are also many people who have come up with new tricks. They can’t hold on the ground and simply move the wall.

It’s also good to buy a piece of cloth printed with a Christmas tree directly, saving money and being safe!

Christmas tree, but many Wang Xing people keep the show at the end of the year, can’t find the tree to hurt them a little sad…

In order to let the dog and the Christmas tree coexist peacefully, the eunuch is also broken! It’s really a painful and happy thing to raise a dog.

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