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Everyday dogs don’t have these 5 behaviors, congratulations to the dog is very healthy!

Dogs who want to keep their dogs healthy and healthy are the biggest satisfaction of raising a dog. So how do you see the health of a dog? In addition to regular inspections, you can observe whether the dog has these five behaviors every day. If not, congratulations, the dogs are healthy!

1, no ass,

The dog keeps licking his ass, it is actually a signal from the dog’s buttocks, the dog’s butt is uncomfortable, the anal inflammation or the cockroaches sticking to the anus will keep the dog’s ass, so the anus healthy dog ​​does not have this. Behavioral.

If you find that the dog’s anus is a little red and swollen, it may be anal bursitis. If there is a pink exudate just after the bowel movement, it means that it may be rectal or anal detachment, and it needs to be treated in time.

2, no frequent hoes

Dogs often lick their heads because their ears are uncomfortable, or they have frequent deafness. If the dog does not have this behavior, it proves that the dog has no deafness, but also pay attention to regularly clean the ears. Remember to dry your ears after bathing to prevent bacterial growth and infection.

3, no frequent rubbing hair

Dogs often rub their hair, usually itching or having a wound to remove hair. If the dog frequently rubs the hair, you should check if it is injured or skin disease, and find a wound or skin disease. First, we must stop the dog shit, but some chicken snacks, sheep cheese and other dog snacks can be given to the dog, distracting, and then help it treat the wound. If the daily dog ​​does not have this behavior, it means that the dog is not injured and there is no skin disease.

4, no diarrhea

Dog diarrhea is gastrointestinal discomfort, it may be a cold, or it may be caused by too much indigestion. If the dog does not have diarrhea and vomiting every day, it proves that the dog is very healthy, but also pay attention to it in daily feeding. The dog’s stomach is very fragile. Dog food can choose some natural dog food with beneficial bacteria. Probiotics can protect the dog’s stomach health.

5, no loss of appetite

Under normal circumstances, the dog will not have loss of appetite, or it is sick, or picky eaters, if you are sick, the owner can take the dog to the hospital to check, if picky eaters, hungry it or give it a change Dog food with high palatability, or increase the amount of exercise to increase the dog’s hunger.

Dog diet note:

The article mentions that dogs do not have diarrhea to prove that the dog’s stomach is very healthy, but also pay attention to daily feeding, regular quantitative feeding, not too full, and for some foods with high salt, try not to feed the dog, it will lead to the dog Dog hair is rough and unhealthy. It is necessary to have a purposeful choice of high-quality dog ​​food with beneficial bacteria and balanced nutrition. Dog health is the biggest reassurance of the owner. It is recommended to be “not greasy natural dog food”, which is rich in nutrients and beneficial. Bacteria, deep sea fish oil, high protein, strong bones to protect the stomach, for the picky dog, hungry it 1-2 no problem.

Snacks and canteens:

For the dog’s small snacks, we should also pay attention to health. We recommend two small snacks for training molars to supplement nutrition. The ingredients are fresh, nutritious, low-salt 0 added, moderate taste, healthy, suitable for training molars, and can also supplement nutrition, beauty hair.

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