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Golden retriever Actually not stupid golden hair

About Golden retriever

Large breed of a dogs is a Golden Retriver. Most of the skin is golden or creamy. They have a lot of hair. It really needs to be combed regularly during the hair loss season, otherwise your home will really be occupied by Golden Retriever. The temper is very good, it is a relatively gentle dog, so most families are more willing to raise golden hair.

The Golden Retriever was originally cultivated in Scotland in the mid-19th century. At that time, hunting wild birds was a popular sport for the wealthy Scottish elite, but the existing breed of retrievers was not enough to retrieve prey from the water and land

Access to resources from land and water is necessary because the hunting grounds at the time were surrounded by swamp ponds and rivers. Therefore, the best water hounds are crossed with existing hounds to form what is today called the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever was originally “Guisachan” near Gran Afric in Scotland, the highland manor of Dudley Machobanks, the first baron of Tweedmouth.

Over the years, the original hybrids have been controversial, but in 1952, the publication of the breeding records of Mayor Banks from 1835 to 1890 broke the myth of buying the entire Russian tracking dog group from the Circus Circus; It details a meticulous nematode breeding program.

Usually, this breed is considered to be a tracer from Russia in the 19th century. With the improvement of guns, more and more poultry are shot down in more distant and increasingly difficult terrain, resulting in more birds. Missing on the battlefield. Due to the improvement of this weapon, a special retriever is needed because it is found to be ineffective in training setters and pointer breeds in the retriever.

Golden retriever

Therefore, people began to cultivate this dog to fill this much-needed role. The original cross was a yellow-colored hound, “we”, a tweed water hound, “beauty.” The Tweed Water Hound is now extinct, but it was common in the border areas at the time. In 1865, Maiori Banks purchased “common sense” from a nest of black corrugated retriever cubs that were not registered.

In 1868, this hybrid produced garbage including four cubs; these four dogs became the basis of a breeding program, including Irish hounds, sand hounds, St. John’s water dog in Newfoundland, and Two black hounds with wavy fur. This pedigree dog is also inbreeding and was chosen as the authentic hunting dog of Mayor Banks.

His vision includes a dog that is more energetic and powerful than the previous hound, a dog that is still gentle and trainable. There are no Russian shepherds mentioned in these records, nor any other working dog breeds. The ancestors of the Golden Retriever are sport dogs, consistent with the goal of Majo Banks. This golden retriever is lively and powerful. When hunting, it has a gentle mouth for returning to prey. The organization other than the club is dedicated to the golden retriever, such as a specific adoption site.

Golden Retriever Club

One such organization is the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland in Scotland. In August 2013, the club gathered 222 Golden Retrievers in the home of the first Golden Retriever in history.

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