Saturday , February 16 2019

How can I help a big cat at home?

0.0 The landlord picked up the bread in December last year. Now the bread has been 8 months old. The male cat has also been sterilized.
Then in the first two days, the classmates said that they had reduced the kitten.
I always wanted to find a small partner for bread. Because my family is usually busy at work.
Sometimes, whenever I go home at home, I can see that a cat is so lonely.
So I thought about finding a companion to come back and I will only come back.
The kitten (rice ball) is less than one month old. It needs to be fed with a syringe. It is also very cute to walk and sway.
I took it to the hospital before I checked my health and I brought it back.
I want to say something first.
As a result, when the bread first saw the rice ball, I was afraid that I could not approach it
After that, it’s not right. I feel like I’m looking like a prey. I’m going to catch and bite the rice ball.
I am a bit worried, but I can see that I don’t have to worry about it.
But today, a closer look at the bread pressed the rice ball and the mouth is quite heavy. . The bitten rice ball is afraid of seeing the bread. Go straight back.
I don’t know what to do. . Now the rice ball is in the cage. The bread has been wandering around the cage.
I always jumped into the cage and put my claws into the cage to catch the rice ball. . what should I do. . .
In fact, my family’s bread is very good-tempered. I never take people or bite. I always thought it was a little girl.
But it is especially bad for the rice ball.

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