Saturday , February 16 2019

How many RMB is needed for a dog health check?

How much does it cost for a dog to check it out? Many people have consulted me like this. I will share it with you today because the price may be different in each place, so there is no standard answer. You can refer to it and hope to help you.

The puppy is more than two months old, ready to go for a vaccine, and then how much does it cost to do a full-body examination? Which vaccine is better? Which kind of anthelmintic to eat, oral or topical?

This is mostly the first question that the dog family often asks, and I will tell you about it here.

The general procedure is as follows. First, the dog is vaccinated for two months. If the vaccination is successful, the antibody will not be produced after 10 days. After the vaccination is successful, the next step is to check the dog.

The antibody I made to my Labrador dog (Canine, Small, Hepatitis) is 220. The CHD test is to take an X-ray film 110, which is done at our local pet hospital. This is a comparison of our local pet hospital. Professional, the price I feel is still similar. If you want to do the price can refer to the next, because each place is indeed different, and if we are member prices here will be cheaper to write
I gave my home Labrador a Pfizer’s quad seedling, 70 needles, and Intervet’s should be 65. In fact, I feel almost the same, it may be a psychological effect, so I chose a little more expensive.

The rabies vaccine is a free list given by the police station when the dog card is issued, so this does not cost money. The rabies seedling of Intervet seems to be 55.

Insecticide I bought Bayer from the Internet. Other tests are basically unnecessary. Generally, it can be checked once a year. As long as the spirit is good and the appetite is good, there will be no problem. The other is to feed once a month. Insecticides are fine.

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