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How to give a dog a massage? Dog big health full massage illustration

When humans want to relax, one of the things we want most is a thorough systemic massage. When we go to pamper our puppy, should we also consider giving the dog a full set of massage care?

Do our dogs need a massage? The answer is simple: yes. It’s great to have a massage for our dog.

A good massage can help your dog relax, it relieves stress and anxiety, so it is emotionally beneficial. Massage can promote wound healing, help dogs increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure, help digestion, enhance the dog’s immune system, stimulate the kidneys and liver… The benefits are really too much~

(Key Points)The most important thing is that there is another huge, positive effect on dog massage: it can make dogs love you more!

How to massage a dog?

Start from the top of its head, slowly down, pay attention to its muscles, and when you and your dog become more comfortable, you can continue to massage more directly: gently massage your dog’s neck and back with your fingers , chest and legs. Spend more time on the back, between the shoulder blades, because this is definitely a place for your furry friend. Remember that the action must be gentle, don’t look for acupuncture points like human massage. Gentle massage dogs are more comfortable.

How to massage a dog with a weak leg?

Sometimes your pet may need a special massage. For example, if your dog’s hind legs are weak, you can try some special tricks.

First, let the dog lick. Hold the upper part of his hind leg with one hand and the other hand under his paw. From here, slowly straighten your legs, hold this position for 5 seconds, and then return to the original position. Repeat this stretching action three times on each leg, trying to stretch your legs a little more each time (but if you can’t make your dog feel uncomfortable).

How to massage the dog’s paws

First put your dog on the floor and gently massage the dog’s front paws. Rub between the pads at the bottom of the foot and check for signs of injury while walking.

Next, massage your dog’s sole back and massage each paw in a circular motion for 30 seconds. After the massage, gently squeeze the dog’s paw for three to five seconds.

If you are going to massage your dog, you should have a general understanding of its stress points.

Here is a short outline:

[1]: Gallbladder 20, or GB 20, is located at the bottom of the dog’s head. Proper massage can reduce dog strain and irritability, and even improve sinus infection and reduce seizures.

[2]: Bladder 21 and Bladder 22 are called “BL 21” and “BL 22”. They are located in the lower back of the spine and can be used to reduce vomiting, improve stomach problems, and promote kidney health.

[3]: Between your dog’s shoulder blades, 13 – bladder 13. Massage this to help dogs with pneumonia and bronchitis.

[4]: On the hind legs behind the knees, it is BL 40, also called bladder 40. The stress here can reduce overall pain and stiffness and reduce constipation.

[5]: The large intestine 11, located on the outside of the dog’s front leg, can help alleviate allergic symptoms at the dog’s elbow, where the dog’s legs are in contact with the body.

[6]: Your dog’s claws contain points, called main pressure points, which are thought to restore the energy balance of your dog’s face, mouth and legs.

Dog massage has many benefits. Especially when it is used for treatment, it can help the dog recover more quickly. It can even help older dogs recover lost energy.

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