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How to identify the cat is healthy? If you did not notice this, that there will be life-threatening cat

It may be determined by looking at the presence or absence of abnormal physical condition and physiological response

1. physical condition can be observed from the spirit of the eight aspects: healthy cat nose is usually cool and moist, was Mao Pingshun shiny, strong muscle fullness, it looks very spiritual, Reiki full; and the sick cat often shows listless, apathetic, staggering walk, hi lying, or half-closed eyes glazed, sound or unresponsive to external stimuli, the more severe the disease, the weaker reaction. The sick cat nose fever often dry, rough hair disorder parched, lack luster, pale pale of mouth, weight loss, weakness;

2. temperature: addition temperature can be measured directly with a thermometer, under normal circumstances, the cat’s nose may be observed, such as the nose drying temperature is high performance. Further, ears unit, temperature variation may be used as epidermal reference body temperature. The general health of the cat body temperature of 38.0-39.5 ℃. Once the cat phenomenon is often accompanied by elevated body temperature, thirst, lack of energy, slow movements, loss of appetite and so on.

3. Respiratory: normal cat number of breaths per minute is 20 to 30 times. If the respiratory rate increased or decreased, while difficulty breathing, nostrils flared, and even mouth breathing, abdominal flap, it shows may be suffering from respiratory diseases or other systemic diseases. However, to note the difference between seasonal temperatures, as well as changes in activity caused by the cat normal physiological breathing change.

4. Eyes: cat’s eyes are piercing. The third eyelid changes in cats with the disease are closely related. Third Eye normally face in the cat eye inside corners, usually do not see. When the kitten is sick, the third eyelid will be highlighted to cover up part of the eye, sometimes even blocking half of the eye. The more prominent third eyelid, indicating more serious condition. In addition, healthy cat’s eyes are clean, there is little discharge. If the sick, the eyes will purulent or serous secretions. Also note that if both sides of the eyes when viewed in cat eyes face symmetry, such as one case of swelling, often expressed topical ocular sick; simultaneously on both sides as swelling, is mostly by the heart, kidneys, severe malnutrition and other systemic disease.

The mouth portion: normal cat’s mouth is light-pink color. When the color becomes cat mouth flushing fever, anemia pale yellow when power is liver disease, when the table is ill purple. Also note cat oral secretions, lingual, gingival, buccal two, there is no throat blisters, ulcers, swelling, and other anomalies.

6. nose: normal cat nose to cool and moist. As cat nose, fever, dry, and even cracking is not normal. In addition, little cat runny nose, such as an increase in nose can be a sign of disease.

7. ears: cat ears freedom of movement, sound and responsive. The sick cat is the opposite. In addition, should pay attention to whether the cat ear secretions, hair removal and other anomalies.

8. Abdomen: abdominal circumference cat as significantly increased, abdominal tension, percussion drums sound like, may be flatulence. Like a balloon filled with water, such as relaxation, it may be peritonitis performance.

1. determine whether the abnormal physiological response appetite from the following seven aspects: the sick cat is not interested in daily food, loss of appetite or complete refusal

2. Water: when the sick cat fever or diarrhea, dehydration often increase water intake and reduce the amount of drinking water when serious illness or serious failure, not even drinking water.

3. defecation: Under normal circumstances cat defecation, fecal shape, quantity, odor, color and are more stable. As will appear dry, hard, small, deep and with a small amount of mucus color, it may be fever, constipation, chronic gastroenteritis symptoms. Such as loose stools, deformed, or in water samples, and even mixed with mucus, pus, blood, bubbles, etc., then serious condition, if not treated easily fatal.

4. urination: If the cat urine or no urine frequently, as well as urine or blood in the urine is very yellow, it is likely to suffer from liver disease or aspects of the urological area.

5. Vomiting: vomiting cat is easier to animals, about 1-3 times spit hair balls a week, this is normal. But if the cat vomit but did not spit hair balls, or persistent vomiting, should check the hospital as soon as possible.

6. sneeze: cat sneezing watery eyes are often cold or infection of the performance of branch cat nose, cough is hinted at possible lung or respiratory infections. At the same time we need to pay more attention to the cat’s nasal discharge, if it is clear we must observe, if there is a similar inflammation or thick pus hospital right away.

7. drool: cat drooling, oral odor weight, oral pain, mostly stomatitis symptoms. In severe cases, it can cause death and can not eat, should be treated early.

If you want to buy a cat, I hope these suggestions can help you buy a Heart cute cat. I suggest you also consider the adoption of local sites to adopt the cat, so it has a more special meaning for you, because you gave it a stray warm home.

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