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How to judge whether a puppy is healthy

A dog is the most loyal partner of mankind and it will trust you very much. Raising a dog can relieve stress in your life. Take a dog out for a walk every day, bathe it, and talk to it about the secrets you can’t tell others. You will feel happy when you get along with dogs. So how do you judge whether a puppy is healthy?

1. Look at the mental state

Healthy puppies are responsive, lively and active, and willing to play with others. The sick puppy looks very bad in mental state, ignores the outside world, or runs wildly.

2. Look at the eyes

Healthy puppies have bright eyes, the same size of both eyes, no injuries, and the conjunctiva of the eyes is pink. The sick dog’s eye conjunctiva is congested, and some sick dogs have secretions in both eyes, no god.

3. Look at the nose

Healthy puppies have a moist nose with no secretions or serum.

4. Look at the mouth

The mouth of a healthy puppy is very clean, the tongue has no tongue coating, no bad breath, and the teeth are neat and white. There is no gap when the dog’s mouth is closed, and there is no drooling.

5. Look at the skin

Healthy puppy hair is shiny, the skin is strong, and it feels soft and gentle. If the dog’s skin is dry, the fur is thick and hard, and some have alopecia areata or suede, it means the dog is sick.

6. Look at the anus

Healthy puppies are anal tight, clean around, no foreign objects. The sick puppy’s anus looks dirty and sometimes sees ulceration and inflammation.

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