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How to make simple cat food

Who knows that it is more convenient to do at home. Simple cat food, such as adding something to the meal, etc.? How to cook?

Cats that use soft food (self-made food or canned food) for a long time are prone to calculus and gingivitis, which not only affects the cat’s appetite but also seriously affects the health of the cat. It may also start to lose teeth when it is six or seven years old.

It’s best to eat one or two times a week for your own cat! Young cats under one year old must use dry cat food as the main food to ensure the health of cat teeth!


1 = chicken:

Chicken small chest 3 two, 2 eggs, 13 incense, chicken essence, salt trace

The chicken is chopped into a puree, with eggs, seasonings, and steamed on the platter.

Chicken and liver:

Chicken small chest 3 two, chicken liver 2, 1 egg, condiment unchanged

Same as above

2 = beef tenderloin, 1 lean pork, 1 egg, the same seasoning

Same as above


Fresh squid a pound, go to the scales, go to the sputum, go to the intestines. Seasoning unchanged

Into the pressure cooker, add a small amount of water, suffocating for 1 hour, to the fishbone can be hand-picked into powder


Anonymous User

Cats like to eat liver, especially chicken liver. Just put the chopped chicken liver in the rice and add a little salt to cook it. It can be eaten by cats. Cats like to eat because livers are on cat eyes. Have benefits

Anonymous User


1, chicken liver and rice boiled

2, directly to the cat food

3, fish and rice

4, porridge mixed with cat food or chicken liver

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