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I took a Great Dane and thought it was saving it. I didn’t expect the owner to be saved.

Paul J. Batura is the vice president of corporate communications at Focus on the Family. He shares a story about his family and a dog. The story begins very often and ends with embarrassing.

Paul always wanted to raise a dog. When he was still single, he lived in a graduate apartment and had no feeding conditions. Until he bought his house with his wife after marriage, he began to discuss with his wife a plan to raise a dog at home. Paul’s wife, Julie, also agrees very much and plans to go to the shelter’s website to pick a dog for adoption. They originally wanted to adopt a smaller dog. They couldn’t easily accommodate all the dogs nearby and they looked at each other. But they didn’t expect the dog to be booked. The couple had to return.

When passing by a pet store, Paul found that a local group dedicated to saving the Great Danes was holding an exhibition here. They never paid attention to the dog breeds of the Great Dane. They saw their tall bodies for the first time. Slender, with a calm atmosphere, the couple are heart-warming. Finally they picked a black Great Dane called Apollo. Apollo became the third member of the family.

After Apollo came to Paul, he was re-named Shep, a name derived from Paul’s favorite news anchor. A few months after the Great Dane came in, Paul’s wife, Julie, was pregnant, but she had a miscarriage in 12 weeks. When the couple went to see a doctor, they were told that they might not be able to have children. Even if they were lucky, they would not accidentally abort. The couple refused to accept this terrible fact. They spent all their savings and went to seek medical advice. The results were the same. A few years later, the two men who had worked hard decided to accept the reality and they adopted it.

A cute little boy Riley. When they returned home with their babies, the Great Dane looked at them with curious eyes and then accepted the fact that there was a little owner at home. Although he was infertile, the adopted boy made Paul’s family happy again. The Great Dane especially loved the little master, and he stayed with him almost every day, paying attention to everything. Then on the night of the boy’s first birthday, the accident happened. The boy was the winter’s birthday, and in order to keep his baby room warm and warm, Paul placed a heater inside. But on the night of the birthday, the Great Dane suddenly rushed to the baby room and kept calling the door. Paul was shocked and quickly opened the door of the baby room. It turned out that the heater had failed. The baby room was full of smoke. Fortunately, the smoke detector on the ceiling was still working. It was desperately spraying water to keep it. A baby’s life.

As a large dog, the life of the Great Dane is not long, generally around 8 years. Paul’s Great Dane has lived 8 years old, older than the average Great Dane, but it also means it is an old dog. One year after the baby arrived in this home, the Great Dane in the late years slid unexpectedly during the routine jump on the sofa and slept. The result of the slip was very fierce, and its hind legs were paralyzed. Paul and his wife had to take it to the car and take it to the vet. The Great Dane still stared at the door for a long time after passing through the little baby’s room. Perceived by its actions, Paul and his wife’s eyes were wet.

People who have raised pets will understand this feeling. At first, you thought that you were raising it, you gave it a home, and provided it with food and warmth. After a while, you will find that you live together and depend on each other. A pet can give the owner a lot of rewards, such as the Great Dane who saved the baby.

The Great Dane is the tallest dog in the dog world, and their character is not proportional to their size. The Great Dane is a very gentle breed of dog that is friendly to all types of animals, especially animal cubs. The more you meet a small guy, the more they like to take care of each other. Many families with children choose the Great Dane when they choose a babysitter to play with the type of dog.

In addition to being too big and not long enough, the big disadvantage of the Great Dane is probably that it is easy to drool because it is a kind of sable dog. Therefore, this very cute dog is not suitable for breeding in the city. If the owner has a relatively large yard, it is possible to consider raising such a dog.

Great Dane and Little Baby

Great Dane and Little Baby

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