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If you want to make cat food, these five tips can make your cat healthier

As a pet owner, one of the most important things is the health of your pet. When it comes to health, keeping a pet is one of the most important things. Cats and dogs vary greatly in feeding time. There are many different types of pet food on the market, all claiming to be the best for your pet, claiming to have all the nutrients your pet needs. People have been studying the needs of pets, as well as the nutritional needs of cats and the special needs of dogs. Dogs usually surround everything that you put in front of them, while cats are more critical, not to mention that they have different needs for maintaining health. Many cat owners like to make cat food themselves to ensure that their furry kittens get the right nutrients, not a bunch of additives and preservatives they don’t need. Especially if their cat has health problems, homemade cat food can be a good choice for brands that are purchased by the store. If you’ve considered making yourself a cat food, here are some tips to help your cat get a healthier diet.

  • The type of meat a cat can eat

Of course everyone knows that cats like to eat meat. In fact, this is the main food for cats. Cats are born carnivores, so although cats are carnivores, not all meat is good for your cat. Knowing what meat your cat can eat will help your cat avoid trouble giving them something they shouldn’t eat. If you want to give your cat a variety of meat to change his stuff and keep something interesting, here is a list of safe meats your cat can eat: you can give your cat lean meat and cube chicken Pieces, lean beef, chicken, and lean meat deli meat.

  • Cooked fish

When we think of meat, we think of cats eating fish. This is why cats like to eat tuna and run around when they hear the cans crack. Although this seems to be the cat’s favorite meat, the cat does not actually like to eat big fish, nor should it eat a fish-based diet. In other words, you can feed your cat some fish, as long as it is cooked fish instead of raw. If you plan to have your cat eat some fish, be sure to cook it thoroughly until it becomes soft. Remove the bone to prevent your cat from getting stuck in your throat or swallowing it, which can cause suffocation or rubbing and tearing the digestive tract.

  • vegetables

Vegetables are good for your cat, but eat less. Some vegetable pieces can be used as a healthy alternative to cat food purchased at the store. They can help your cat strengthen the immune system and help overweight cats lose weight. Not all vegetables can be tolerated by cats, so knowing which vegetables are safe will help you protect your cat from the health problems caused by the wrong food. Here are some vegetables that can be safely cooked, including your cat’s diet, chopped carrots, peas, corn, broccoli, green beans, small zucchini, small pieces of lettuce, spinach, and of course catnip. Here are the vegetables to avoid. They are dangerous and toxic to cats, so don’t give your cat garlic, onions, avocados, tomatoes or mushrooms. You can add some vegetables to the cat’s dinner, such as mixing them with lean meat or using it as a snack between meals.

  • Avoid using salt and spices

When cooking your cat, don’t add salt and spices to meat and vegetables. Spices, salt and pepper are for people to eat, not for cats. These things are very hard on their stomachs and other organs, making them sick. The cat is very simple and only likes the taste of meat. Cooking is not for your taste, but for your cat’s taste.

  • change

Variety is one of the best keys when making homemade food for your cat. First, mix the meat together, don’t feed your cat every day to eat the same meat. The same is true for vegetables. One idea is to give your cat chicken and corn this day and give your cat the next day to eat lean meat and peas. This gives your cat different nutritional value and enjoys different tastes.

Home cooking for cats is very simple because they are mainly carnivores. For the cat’s main diet, dry food is not recommended, and the coarsely ground form is the most common form of dry food. It is severely deficient in water content and can dehydrate cats. It also contains many preservatives that cats don’t need and are high in fat. The more natural your cat eats, the healthier your cat will be, so if you have the motivation to make your cat eat naturally, your cat may thank you.

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