Saturday , February 16 2019

If your dog has these 5 performances, you are an enviable shovel!

Wang Xingren is like a ignorant little child, always doing things with his own preferences, so from time to time there will always be some moths, so that the shovel is very headache. Sometimes, no matter how you educate Wang Xingren, it’s hard to let it pay attention to what you mean. It’s wrong, it’s never stopped. Everyone wants to keep a smart dog, but not every shovel. It’s all so lucky.

If your family is a well-behaved child, you don’t have to work hard, you can only say that you are very lucky. Congratulations to you when your family’s Wang Xing people have the following five performances, indicating that you are an enviable shovel!

Will go home by myself

Dogs like to be free. If they are raising dogs in the city, then the shovel officer needs to take it out regularly every day. If Wang Xingren stays at home for a long time, once he takes it outside, he will fly with himself. Sometimes a dog is naughty, and it is a big project to pull it home. If your dog walks up enough every day and is willing to take it home, then it will save you a lot of peace…

No chaos

Dogs can be said to be professional households, and they will become extra vigilant when they are swaying, especially when they see strangers, many dogs will scream. When there are different people passing by every day at the door of the house, the burst of dog barking will really make your brain hurt.

Will go to the toilet in a fixed place

The problem of dogs going to the toilet is the most worrying thing for all the shovel officers. The dog nature likes to urinate and defecate anywhere. It is difficult to control… especially in the city, if you are a dog, if you are walking the dog, the size of Wang Xingren is everywhere. Then, it is easy for the passers-by to stare at them with strange eyes, and the atmosphere will be paralyzed. Therefore, dogs that will go to the toilet in a fixed place are very welcome.

Will not be demolished

Energetic dogs often break their homes into the sky. If you are an office worker, when you are busy returning home for a day… When you see the incurable battlefield, you are expected to have a heart of death. But in fact, not all dogs will be demolished. If you can meet a gentle and undisclosed Wang master, then you are really lucky.

Do not grab food

Dogs are really greedy. When eating shovel, they always like to eat at the table. Some crazy Wang Xing people will directly grab the owner’s food. If your dog does not eat or eat when you eat, it means that it has developed good habits… it is a good dog that is obedient.

Dear friends, the performance of these dogs, is your dog fully equipped? Dear cute cat will continue to update the essay on Yu Wang, thank you for your attention.

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