Saturday , February 16 2019

In the process of how to look at the cat, the cat get healthy?

Talked about before buying a cat channels which, today, followed by a discussion, come to see the cat when needed through what, pick out healthy cat?


Look environment.

Cat breeding environment, whether it is more than just cats live? Case of multiple cats live with cats how mental state, whether there are cat appears ill? Whether the water is clean? Are food fresh? Whether indoor ventilation?

The environment determines the health of cats, after all, the spread between the rate of disease in vivo faster.


Look cat owner.

Whether it is master of its own house breeding of cats? Whether the patient really cat owners like cats? He holds it anyway? Usually to eat what food? Nutraceuticals were many? What precautions? Said is not the truth? There is no boast of ingredients? If cat owners really love cats, mostly used to eat it is good, not because of cost constraints, leading to malnutrition cat, appeared frail , but breeders is the industry’s conscience, if he has deceived cost boasted, cat hidden disease the more likely.


Look cat body.

1, the mental state of the cat, the cat strangers, mostly fear, may need some time to slowly active, if you see a cat at first glance, very excited, not necessarily a good thing. Recommendations funny cat holding a stick, and his tentative play, general health unhealthy, one can see it.

2, the cat’s physical examination. Body – the degree of fat or thin, skinny it can not, of course, not three high. Hair – Are there gloss, from the head, the neck, the back, the tail, limbs, touch the root, whether agglomeration, check cat ringworm; Eyes – whether open, whether a foreign body corner; ears – gently opened, which look, if there ear mites; Garfield look nose belonging to different short, short nose, breathing listen to the voices, it is determined whether there is a problem.


Look diet.

Ask the owner, whether they have been immunized , vaccines to fight what brand, deworming done yet? When the next fight? Cat daily to eat what food , what price, between 20-60 per basic food are good, if I tell you a few dollars a pound of cat food, cat recommend that you not take it; to look at what the owner of the daily health and nutrition product , if more species, the owner relatively well, this cat basically no problem, often eat cat food with good nutrition, basic hair healthier, feels feel good, relatively fat cat almost.

Based on the above, we can determine the basic health of the cat.

Generally, a good breeder will tell you that the health of the cat, which existing problems, the basic will tell, what kind of character cats, how to go back to farming, what food to eat, how to meet the problem should be taken care of.

Suggest that you choose a good sellers, after all, the cat is a living body, the beginning of raising the problem or to ask.

At last,

I would like to have a cat,

White first leave!

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