Saturday , February 16 2019

Is your dog really healthy? Can judge from 4 o’clock!

Dogs are different from people. People who are uncomfortable will be expressed through words. Dogs can only tell you through the body. If you want to know that your family is unhealthy, you can judge from these 4 points!

First point, dog mouth

A healthy mouth should have no odor, a fresh breath, and a pink gum. If your dog has severe bad breath, yellow teeth, and calculus, the owner must worry, because kidney disease and liver disease may also cause abnormal smell in the dog’s mouth, so check the dog regularly. Brush your teeth every day, and often give your dog a molar, help to remove bad breath, clean the calculus, and grind your teeth to choose some large bones or a molar snack with a certain hardness. It can grind your teeth and make calcium and bones!

The second point, dog poop

Healthy stools are generally yellow or brown, have no odor, moderate hardness, and are easy to handle. If your dog is very black and smelly, it is usually related to your feeding food. Dogs who often eat commercial food are black and smelly, because commercial food additives have a lot of preservatives. There is no benefit, it is not recommended to feed, you can make your own dog food, or choose some low-salt nutrient natural dog food to feed, slowly the dog will return to health, if other red stools, gray stools, it is necessary Get medical attention immediately.

Third point, dog skin

It can also be seen from the skin whether the dog is healthy, healthy skin is elastic, smooth, and shiny. If your dog’s hair is constantly falling off, rough and dull, dry skin, lack of elasticity or see scars such as scars and ulcers, it means your dog is unhealthy. The hair is falling off and it is related to the usual intake of too much salt. Try to Keep a low-salt and light diet. The staple food is recommended to choose high-quality dog ​​food with low-salt ingredients containing deep-sea fish oil. It can be used to relieve hair loss and luster hair.

Fourth point, dog spirit

We can judge the dog’s mental condition. For example, a healthy dog ​​is more lively and likes to play with you. If the dog is not the same as usual, calling it is also indifferent, preferring to sleep on its own. At this time, it is necessary to attract the attention of the owner. It may be that the dog is very uncomfortable to have this symptom. You can see if the dog’s nose is moist. Generally, the healthy dog’s nose is wet and can be touched by hand. This is easier to distinguish.

Dog diet note:

There are many problems in keeping dogs. We need to pay more attention and observation. The most basic thing is to ensure the dog’s physical condition. Usually, only the dog is given enough nutrition, the dog’s body will be healthy, so give the dog. After all, it is something that dogs eat every day. You can choose some high-quality dog ​​foods with good nutrition, such as “not greasy natural dog food”, low salt 0 added, containing various trace elements, deep sea. Fish oil, beautiful hairy tears, can also be eaten with fruits and vegetables, nutrition is more comprehensive!

Healthy snacks:

Usually small snacks for dogs to grind, recommended not to greasy chicken, high protein and low fat, moderate taste, suitable for grinding, training, supplement nutrition!

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