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Is your dog really healthy? Judging by these 4 points!

Dogs are like humans, and sometimes there are some minor problems in the body. But when dogs are kept on a daily basis, are the dogs we see really healthy? How should I judge the health of the dog? Xiaobian teaches you 4 points!

First, observe the stool

First of all, we can judge the health of the dog by the poop of the dog, usually yellow or brown, which is a healthy poop. The dog excretes one to three times a day, so there is no smell, a certain degree of coagulation and Moisture is very convenient to pick up. Sometimes it is found that the dog’s stool is very dark and smelly. It is generally related to dog food. Generally, dogs eat some cheaper commodity foods, which will happen because the food grains themselves have pigments and attractants. More, it is also harmful to dogs. Therefore, if you feed the dog, try to choose some high-quality natural food, and the natural food does not contain preservative additives. In general, improper feeding causes the color of the dog’s stool to be abnormal. It is possible to improve the feeding method and food type. If the color of the dog is abnormal and accompanied by a list of symptoms, you need to go to the hospital for professional help.

Second, observe the hair

If the dog has a skin disease, we can judge by observing the hair. Generally, we can open the dog’s hair while helping the dog to take a bath. From the hair, observe whether there is red or a little bit. Dogs with skin diseases can also cause the dog’s hair to be rough. There is also a situation where you usually eat too salty, or have no chance to exercise and sun in the room for a long time, so you must keep a light diet and low dog food. Low oil salt is the standard, preferably with deep sea fish oil, which can brighten hair. The second is to take a dog out for exercise and sun drying, the sun can promote the healthy growth of new hair, exercise can promote the dog’s metabolism! You can also do some training for the dog when you are exercising. When the dog is performing well, reward some small snacks or a few dog foods. But it is not that the dog’s hair is rough, it must be caused by skin diseases. If you find that the dog’s skin disease must be promptly sent to the doctor.

Third, observe the mental state

We can judge the dog’s mental condition. For example, a healthy dog ​​is more lively and likes to play with you. If the dog is not the same as usual, calling it is also indifferent, preferring to sleep on its own. At this time, it is necessary to attract the attention of the owner. It may be that the dog is very uncomfortable to have this symptom. You can see if the dog’s nose is moist. Generally, the healthy dog’s nose is wet and can be touched by hand. This is easier to distinguish.

Fourth, observe the psychology

In addition to good health, dogs are also psychologically healthy. Only when they are combined, can they be called healthy dogs. The common thing is to separate anxiety. The most obvious symptom is the situation of tearing the home. The reason is that the owner is not at home for a long time. The dog is alone at home, and the owner’s love is not felt. The dog may suffer from this symptom. So, have time to spend as much time as possible with your dog.

There are many problems in keeping dogs. We need to pay more attention and observation. The most basic thing is to ensure the dog’s physical condition. Usually, only the dog is given enough nutrition, the dog’s body will be healthy, so give the dog. When you choose dog food, you can take a look at it (it’s greasy), smell it (whether it has an irritating taste of additives), try it (whether it tastes light), so you can identify it. Good quality natural food. Recommended not greasy natural dog food, low oil and low salt 0 added, containing all trace elements, deep sea fish oil, nutrient-rich, beautiful hairy tears.

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