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It may be the pet that suits you – Golden Retriever

If you can tolerate the messy hair at home, the Golden Retriever is a good complement to any family.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is friendly, cute and smart. They can adapt to many different home environments and generally like people and other dogs. They are usually very enthusiastic and energetic. As a cub, some jobs need to consume energy, but as they get older, they are content for long walks and plenty of companionship.

Golden Retriever is very smart and willing to train well. When they feel the need, they are happiest when they give a clear direction. They are good assistant dogs, guide dogs and disabled partners.

I like to be the focus of everyone’s attention. My ideal family is busy, full of love, and perfect to play with some children. I hope someone can throw the ball into the park with me. I also like to live with another dog. As long as you don’t let me stay alone for a long time, I will be a happy member of your family.

Playful – life is just a game, your average Golden Retriever. They like chasing, ball games, and playing with other dogs. As they get older, they may become a bit lazy, but if you maintain a healthy weight. When she reaches middle age, she often keeps playing.

Smart – these smart dogs are very easy to train and require at least 2 hours of exercise and training per day, while the puppies are still growing. No psychological stimulation and training becomes boring and sometimes devastating.

Gentle – gentle golden retriever likes to hug on the couch with his family. They are cute, cute, and kind, and despite their size, they never (intentionally) hurt a fly. .

Golden Retriever Choice to play

Golden Retrievers like to play and need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. They like to go to the dog park or run with their family. They like to do a job and are very eager to please, so it is easy to motivate them to train.

Due to the background of the hunt, they like to take and take the game, so focusing on these training tasks will make a very happy dog. Flying balls are a great activity for the Golden Retriever, they like to work agilely.

Plan a 2 hour training as a puppy, socialize and exercise for the day. As your dog grows older, you need to keep up with training and play, and make your dog mentally irritated, but teach you D. If your time is not enough, you can quickly consume energy.

Golden Retriever likes to swim

Golden Retriever likes to swim, so if your gold is a swimmer, talk to the vet how to limit your ear infection.

The Golden Retriever has a lot of blood, and anyone who has lived with it will prove it. They have a thick coat that needs to be brushed off regularly. This coat is waterproof, so bathing is problematic. Ernst & Young often takes a long time to dry up once it is completed.

It is best to avoid them in areas of high graduation or in areas with large numbers of thorns or burrs. Otherwise it will invest in some Clippers and keep the coating shorter to make it easier to manage.

The literati tend to love everyone. They and the children are very good, even if they have smaller children. They can be as noisy as a puppy until they are fully grown, so they need church etiquette. Don’t jump to make them fit a family.

They can happily live with dogs of all shapes and sizes, but smaller species like ferrets and rabbits should be observed, although they tend to be mild to other animals.

Golden Retrievers are larger in size and generally require fairly high quality food. As they grow, a good diet quality and ensuring that the body weight is not excessive will limit the risk of hip dysplasia. They are prone to certain types of cancer, but apart from that they are very strong dogs.

Hip dysplasia –is prone to hip dysplasia, while more breeders are hip scores, trying to carry out this devastating disease, and in some cases it may still occur, especially at O When I was very young, I started to eat milk.

Elbow dysplasia? ? This common cause of forelimb claudication occurs in many large breeds for several possible causes, including uncoordinated growth rates between osteochondrosis and RA. The ruler and ruler of the forearm. This disorder is another reason why you cannot over-feed a growing Golden Retriever.

Cancer – No one knows why, but Golden Retriever has a higher risk of cancer, including angiosarcoma and lymphoma.

Ask your veterinarian to check those hips, especially during progressive general anesthesia, or any other routine examination.

Ears may be infected, especially when your dog is swimming, in order to adapt to the dog’s “normal” appearance and smell, if these ears are prone to getting dirty, ask your vet how to clean them.

Make sure you keep a good healthy weight for your dog as it limits the risk of orthopedic diseases such as cruciate ligament injury and osteoarthritis, especially if your dog is prone to hip problems manuscript manuscript, manuscript

Golden Retriever is also a scavenger in the walk, so if you are missing the dog’s belt, please pay attention to what your dog is eating!

As their name suggests, the Golden Retriever was originally raised as a hound in Scottland to retrieve ducks and game birds for hunters. No wonder they love water so much. Their jackets are also ideal for swimming, with a dense inner layer to keep warm and outer layer waterproof.

The hound is gentle, trusting and affectionate, so often do very poor guard dogs. Most owners report that their hounds are happy to receive any visitors, even those who are less welcoming!

Although their role is a bit high, in Stanley Coulon’s “The Wisdom of the Dog”, the searcher is actually ranked fourth. Their ability to train means that they are widely used in services to play the role of assisted dogs and guide dogs. Australia assisted dogs in training Golden Retriever to accomplish tasks such as opening the door, removing the washing machine, shopping and helping with fewer ABLs. Healthy adults and children need to be more independent.

The Golden Retriever is also a very popular guide dog. The new puppies have been training for nearly 2 years for their role. The first 12 months were spent with the responsible dog handler. Or basic obedience and socialization. Next, they conducted intense training and ended their one-on-one training with their new owners. Those dogs that are not suitable often end up becoming pet treatment dogs.

The Petfinder list lists all types of people who need a home dog, purebred and mixed, adults and puppies.

The Golden Retriever Club in the United States has a Golden Retriever in most parts of the United States that needs a new home.

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