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Labrador dog 8 big mistakes, have you noticed?

Nowadays, more and more people are raising Labrador dogs. It is a very good dog. It does not need to take care of it in terms of feeding. The feeding method is also very simple. Despite this, there are also many people who will enter some misunderstandings and even endanger the life of the dog. Let’s take a look at the Labrador Retriever. What are the misunderstandings?

1, intake of excessive vitamin C

Dogs can synthesize vitamin C in the body by eating meat. Therefore, there is no need to specifically feed the dog with fresh vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C. If you eat too much, it is easy to cause indigestion. This should be noted. What foods contain vitamin C, such as grapes, oranges, and vegetables.

If Labrador eats grapes, it may cause kidney failure in dogs and, in severe cases, lead to dog death. Don’t make fun of dog life. If you want to eat fruit, you can choose apple, banana, Sydney, etc., but these are generally high-sugar fruits, try to feed less.

2, intake of too much meat

A large amount of fat meat, as well as sour foods such as sour, spicy and salty. These things will stimulate the stomach of the Labrador dog, the dog’s stomach is more sensitive, and it is not recommended for dogs. Ginger, curry powder, chili and other irritating spices should not be given to dogs. If you regularly feed meat, in addition to let them develop the habit of picky eaters, partial eclipse, it is also easy to produce obesity problems, problems in the mouth. Also eat raw meat, it can make it infected with N kinds of bacteria, causing gastrointestinal problems. Expired, degraded food, it will make it diarrhea, vomiting, severe poisoning and death.

3, feeding onions, garlic

Pay attention to the onions and garlic that are often mixed with food. In our human food, there are often onions and garlic, but at the same time, humans prefer to leave the leftovers to the dogs, causing the poisoning of dogs and onions and garlic. occur. The poison is because an enzyme contained in the onion is at work. A small amount of onion may be mixed in a variety of foods such as beef patties, omelettes, and stir-fry. Therefore, when people feed the food to the Labrador. Carefully check if the dog’s bowl is mixed with onions.

4, often eat viscera

Animal liver contains a lot of vitamin A. After a long-term feeding of the liver, it will cause vitamin A accumulation in the body. When the accumulated amount exceeds 4 times of the liver’s ability, toxicity will occur. Can cause Labrador dogs to swollen limbs, pain, lameness, and even nerve paralysis, hind limb paralysis, fecal incontinence. Long-term eating of internal organs can lead to calcium deficiency and the formation of picky eating habits.

5, eat thin bones

Medium-sized young Labrador can feed its large bones rich in calcium, but don’t feed chickens, fish, duck bones, etc., especially Labrador puppies, to prevent jamming or damaging Labrador More lice or esophagus. Because dogs are used to chewing their bones without chewing their bones, this often causes vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. If you want to eat, give your dog a big bone rich in calcium, or eat chicken with low salt and high protein. It is recommended that you do not greasy chicken, or chicken around the French fries. Low-temperature baking, rich in nutrition, the most important thing is that it is not easy for dogs to eat their throats. When training dogs, they can also be used to lure dogs.

6, eat sweet food

Eating sweets may be a common problem for dogs and people, but sweets such as snacks and sugar can easily lead to obesity, and it is also easy to cause calcium absorption and caries in small dogs. It is not good for Labrador. For example: milk, pastries, desserts, chocolates and other sweets. Here we will focus on milk and chocolate. If you want to insist on drinking milk for dogs, please choose sugar-free skim. Because full-fat milk powder containing sugar can cause gastrointestinal irritation in Labrador, leading to diarrhea and even dehydration

Why can’t chocolate be eaten, because the caffeine and caffeine in chocolate are no poison to dogs. It slows the flow of blood to the dog’s brain, causing heart disease and other deadly threats, so never try to feed a dog to eat chocolate. Thank you!

7, often eat too much

Usually Labrador eats as long as seven minutes is full, try not to overdo it, eat too much and eat and jump after meals, it is easy to spit it out. Labrador is always greedy and not picky when eating, but we can’t condone it. If you want to change the dog food for Labrador, don’t change it all at once. Try to mix half of the new food each time, try two or three days, gradually increase the new weight, and then use the new one after a week.

In this way, Labrador’s digestive system can be adapted, otherwise it will easily lead to diarrhea. Choosing dog food, we have to choose good natural food, chew in the mouth without odor. Remember these three things: no oil, no water, no salt.

8, often feeding people

Labrador has a common problem, that is, serious hair loss problems, often feeding people, or relatively large commodity grains of oil and salt, can easily lead to labrador hair rough, nutrient deficiency and hair loss. Therefore, it is best to choose some low-oil and low-salt natural dog food to feed. It is recommended to be not greasy natural dog food, including deep sea fish oil, containing EPA, DHA to help fix color, occasionally feeding some egg yolk and chicken breast, so that the dog Nutrition is very good!


In fact, there are many dietary taboos for Labrador. In short, parents should pay more attention when feeding Labrador. Don’t feed casually! This way the dog can have a good body and the companion will last longer.

Have you learned this knowledge yet? Those foods that Labrador can’t eat, have you ever given it to eat?

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