Saturday , February 16 2019

Learn the common sense of dog health

une is the most vulnerable period for dogs. In order to ensure the health of the dogs and avoid the pain of the dogs, the master must understand some of their abnormalities, so that is a responsible owner.

Eyes – By observing the dog’s eyes, you will also find signs of disease. Bright eyes are a symbol of its health. If there are some foreign objects in the corners of your eyes, and your eyes are ignorant, this means that the dog is uncomfortable and needs to be done. treatment.

Nose – healthy dog ​​nose will be moist, and there will be a layer of transparent liquid on the surface. If the dog’s nose is dry, there are symptoms of runny nose and sneezing, which means the dog is sick. .

Coat – Look at the dog’s hair will also be abnormal, the dog’s coat will be very smooth and shiny, if it is peeling and hairy, it is time to consult the veterinarian.

Teeth – A white tooth is also a sign of dog health. Always observe the cleanliness of the dog’s mouth regularly. If you see dirt in your teeth and smell, look carefully to see if it has a resident. Teeth.

Feces – Observing the dog’s stool can also see its health. Under normal circumstances, the dog will be excreted two or three times. If the number of times is reduced, it should also be considered whether it is constipation; if the stool is very thin, and Not forming, it also reflects the dog is not comfortable.

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