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Let the cat maintain a healthy 23 small suggestion

How to let the cat stay healthy time at home, have a good night’s sleep, a lot of shovel feces officials are concerned about daily problems. Let us work together to summarize the frequently asked questions, I hope you shovel feces officer safety, scientific, happy cats ~


1. If, after your house cat sneezing, foreign body left in front of its nose, do not clean it, then it may be difficult to smell the food and stop eating. Try to provide different foods, preferably with a strong smell of food, or for him to eat chicken, sardines, tuna or chicken soup. If the nose there is a lot of discharge, be sure to clean the cat’s face to keep the nasal patency.

2. Do not take aspirin.

3. three times a day, 1/3 Echinacea capsules (kind of human herbal preparations) added to food for two weeks. This helps improve nasal problems.

4. Through good care and warm chicken soup diet, should help the cat recover in 7-14 days. If you sneeze or cat will not eat a long time, please see the vet as soon as possible, to be a detailed examination.


1. The moisture content of canned food is generally more than 75%; rations typically contain 15% moisture. They tend to drink more water when this is why cats eat dry cat food or dry food and canned food mixed with food. In fact, the older cat may be suffering from dehydration and kidney disease.

2. If the shovel feces officer who had been fed dry food, and then suddenly the whole replacement for the canned food, you may see the cat does not drink so much water. This is plenty of cat pay a good sign ~


1. Any weight loss program is best carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian.

2. initiative to let the cat play sports every day for 20 minutes.

3. First of all, different from the model were fed ad libitum, fed only twice a day. Then, in order to reduce the amount of 10% of the total amount of food per month, so the cat has a process of adaptation.

4. Monitoring cat body weight per week. It is within one month of weight loss should not exceed the amount of 1% to 2% of body weight.

5. Feeding high-quality cat food. Avoid the “streamlining” of food; their formulations reduced protein and fat – and it is these nutrients cats (particularly overweight cats need.

Excretory system

1. Check the day (and clean) litter box is very important to make sure your cat has normal bowel movements and urination every day.

2. If your cat a few days before urine or no urine, it may be suffering from lower urinary tract disease, urethra may be blocked. This is an emergency situation, you must immediately bring the cat to the vet for assessment and treatment.

3. If you see the cat more frequently than usual into the litter box, see its blood in the urine, or found it a few days without normal bowel movement, please find a vet immediately.

4. If your cat defecation difficulties, can be coated with a 1-inch strip of Vaseline on the paws, a cat or a day to feed two to three times a laxative (direct plug it in his mouth, to prevent cats resist and spit).


1. For simple diarrhea, can try a slippery elm herb is called. You can access relevant information, to learn how to prepare this herb for the cat.

2. If the cat does not improve within a week, please stool samples taken at your veterinarian to determine whether diarrhea caused by intestinal parasites.

Textile yarn

1. Many cats are attracted to the rope and similar materials, which in itself is no problem. But when these materials are swallowed his tongue and catches hold of the material is pulled into the intestine and continues, the situation becomes very scary. If the shovel feces officer then hand to see the tongue of the problem, there is the risk of being bitten by a cat. In order to avoid, if you can pay attention to signs of cat suddenly do not want to eat or vomiting, these are important signs.

2. If you suspect that your cat might swallow a piece of rope, consult a veterinarian immediately.

3. Do not let your cat play with string or rope-like toy without supervision, do not leave needles, thread, yarn or lace around the house, a lot of newcomers do not pay attention, it really is very dangerous!

Hairball (Cat own Maojuan together)

1. When the cat to freshen up their own time (paw licking, etc.), ingested hair can get stuck in her stomach, leading to vomiting. Other times, the residual hair esophagus, cough and irritation.

2. In order to reduce the amount of cat hair swallowed, it can be bristles or comb hair every day. In addition, give her a hairball medicine or (once or twice a week), apply some Vaseline on top of her paws. As part of the ceremony grooming, cat will lick it all ~

Falling damage

According to the “American Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,” and a lot of cats accidentally fell from high-rise windows open. Keep windows closed to protect your boss or with screens and other obstructions. These are the key steps to protect the cat lives Oh!

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