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Meng pet: pet diet should pay attention, these three points determine the health of the baby at home!

Is the food that the little baby at home eats every day? How much calories and water do you need to take in a day? The health of your pet is the most important thing! I believe that the owners are particularly concerned about the physical condition of the baby, but there may be some unclear or misconceptions about the daily diet.

The owner should select the food according to the pet’s physical condition and eating situation, and frequent food taste changes will cause the pet to pick the mouth. Pets with chronic diseases must consult a professional veterinarian and consume the relative prescription feed supplemented with nutrients to supplement the inadequate nutrients.

Many owners have misunderstood the pet diet:

1. Cats are carnivores and do not need to take in fruits and vegetables for optimal health. The right amount of fruits and vegetables is good for dogs, but it is not a daily intake of nutrients.

2. The daily recommended feeding number of pets should be based on the age of the pet, not three meals a day, regular quantitative [6 months or less → 4-5 meals per day; 6 months to 1 year old → 3 meals a day; 1 to 3 years old → Daily breakfast and dinner; 3 years old or older → 1 day for large dogs and cats, 2 meals per day for small dogs and cats.

3. When preparing a pet fresh food, there may be a lack of complete knowledge of pet nutrition. Long-term consumption of fresh food may cause malnutrition or pet disease; before making a pet fresh food, you may first seek advice from a pet nutritionist.

4. Never feed human table food! The bones are also indispensable!

5. Pets that eat grain-free feed are more likely to be obese, because the ingredients that usually replace cereals are potatoes, and potatoes have high starch content.

6. Exercise is the best way to lose weight for a child compared to using a diet or feed reduction.

7. Clean bones have limited effect on pet oral problems (halitosis, calculus). It is the solution to brush your teeth or take them to the hospital for cleaning.

8. When a child has health concerns, consult a veterinarian instead of searching for information from unknown sources on the Internet.

How to keep the baby healthy before breaking the myth? US Pet Food Association Announces Pet Daily Diet Guide “Health 3 Key”

The key is that the calorie intake can be sufficient – whether it is a dog or a cat, it should be maintained in a normal body. Being overweight can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The owner has to spend a lot of effort on medical care and care. Too thin can cause problems such as the mental vitality of the pet, so that the baby can not accompany the owner. Here, the owner can use the formula of “weight (kg) X 30+70 kcal” to calculate the calorie amount required by the pet every day, and adjust according to the activity and appetite of the pet to ensure proper calorie intake. The little baby keeps a good figure.

Key two, adequate drinking water to prevent diseases – water is an important element to promote circulation in the body, and water is one of the necessary conditions for the survival of all living things. There are many benefits to drinking water. Cats and dogs also have different recommended water intakes: the recommended daily water intake for dogs is 55-110 ml per kg, while for cats it is 60-80 ml per kg. If the long-term drinking water is insufficient, it may lead to kidney and urinary tract diseases, so the owner must not ignore the importance of drinking water.

The key is to master the four major nutrient ratios – the four basic nutrients of pets are fat, protein, carbohydrates and other (cellulose, water, trace elements, etc.), but the proportion of cats and dogs is very different. For dogs, the optimal ratio of nutrition is: fat 15%, protein 40%, carbohydrate 15%, other 30%; for cats, the best nutritional ratio is: fat 30%, protein 40%, carbohydrates 5%, the other 5%. The trace elements are further divided into vitamins A, D, and E of dogs, as well as iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium, as well as taurine, vitamins A, D, E, and B of cats, which are essential ingredients for daily intake.

Happy life is built on a healthy body. After breaking the myths and having the right ideas, the owners can make the baby eat nutritious and live healthy!

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