Saturday , February 16 2019

Not as good as cats dogs, six cats stealth welfare, most people do not know a

Dog feces shovel officer will become particularly cheerful love sports, and this is thanks to the lively nature of the dog, while the official shovel feces every day need to go out and play with a dog, dogs have a lot of benefits, but it is better to keep dogs Cat. In fact, the benefits of cats than dogs in more, but many people do not know what are the benefits to cats, estimated that most people keep cats Lucky is known, after all, but there are cat Lucky cat inside the title.

The first point

Lucky cat can support, this should be a relatively full superstition that. But Lucky Cat is definitely a good sign so that everyone wants. Lucky cat may not be able to, but Lucky Cat bode well for this, but everyone wants, so the family may wish to keep a Lucky Cat.

Second point

Cats become diligent. After the family cats, cat hair will be filled with the whole family, and the cat every day with every row, every scoop cat litter shovel feces officer have to do, but also to serve cat food every day, so the absolute cats let shovel feces can become diligent officer.

The third point

Cats lowering blood pressure. Keep cats can play a lower blood pressure, such a role is definitely not groundless, but that argument has some scientific basis, often stroked the cat’s hair, allowing shovel feces official mood becomes more comfortable, so as to achieve smooth blood pressure.

fourth point

Cats help sleep. In fact, cats can help shovel feces officer better sleep, it will help shovel feces and blood pressure is the same as the official reason. And the cat for a long time to be together, allowing more relaxed mood shovel feces officer, let shovel feces official further relaxed, natural sleep better.


Cats can cure. In fact, the pet treat is not unusual things, because a lot of people need the company of a pet, such companionship is actually a treatment that can cure the cat is more for treatment to mental illness, so people with depression may be more pet therapy.

The sixth point

Cats more environmentally friendly. Raising more environmentally friendly cat, in fact, it is a relative term, because more cats less carbon to produce than dogs. The reason why cats raised more environmentally friendly, in fact, because the carbon dioxide produced in the cat’s life a lot less than the dogs, and environmental protection is coming from.

There are many benefits of raising cats, feces to shovel the official, the home on which to raise a cat, a lot of time to help shovel feces to the official, although unlike cats as dogs, feces to shovel every move special officer concerned, so that they seem less concerned shovel feces officer, but in fact more conducive to shovel cat feces officer, but often shovel feces officer found no effect of the cat, the cat is more beneficial.

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