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Pets: How to keep your dog healthy?


Keep your puppy active. Especially if he is alone all day, the dog needs to exercise like a human. Take your dog for a walk in the neighborhood or play a fun interactive game with him.

Hide and seek will stimulate the body and mind of pets.

If you have a high-energy breed, your dog can benefit from an agile course, which can be provided through your local shelter.

Puppies are particularly precocious, so active games like tug-of-war and picking up will burn some energy and help him socialize. For older dogs with stiff joints, water sports are a safe, low-impact source of exercise.

If you have a puppy, consider looking for a dog park that indicates where your pet can interact with the puppy’s own body and temperament so you don’t have to be suspicious of his safety.


Give your dog a balanced diet. Animals are the happiest when they exercise, for which he must eat healthy food. The puppy you feed depends on his age, energy level and potential allergies. If you are going to the commercial route, organic, grain-free rough grinding is always the best. However, some veterinarians have vowed to feed the dog “human food.” Dog approved food for people includes:

Raw, salt-free peanut butter

Baby carrot


green beans

Cut apple



Schedule regular veterinary appointments for your pet. The veterinarian will provide an overall health check and any vaccinations your dog may need. Puppies and older dogs are best used every six months, and once a year are suitable for adult dogs under the age of ten.

This visit can also help you determine how to keep your dog’s ears and teeth clean, as well as any other health issues.


Make sure your dog is always safe. This includes ensuring that he has an identity card on his body. A fenced yard can keep him away from potential predators. If he is outside in warm weather, there is plenty of shadow and water.

Make sure your dog is securely fastened or restrained during a car trip and never let his head hang out of the window where he may be hit by an airborne object or thrown from the vehicle.

Unless your dog is training very well, it is important to slap him outside the yard, especially if you are in a busy area.

Children should always be supervised by dogs; young children should not be allowed to hold puppies because they may accidentally fall or hurt him.


Give your puppy regular massage. This will lower his stress level and alleviate any joint pain he may be experiencing.

Slow friction reaches the muscles, fat and bones can create miracles to calm the nervous dog.

Daily massage can extend the length and quality of your dog’s life.

Rubbing your dog’s joints prepares him for physical activity and helps him relax directly.

Great Dane and Mastiff are particularly susceptible to arthritis, so in addition to daily massage, nutritional supplements can also be considered to keep these varieties healthy and painless.

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