Saturday , February 16 2019

Puppy dog, our human good partner, help people, notdifficult

Puppy dogs, our human partners, help people, not tough! I believe that there are more friends who have their own pet dogs! As a small partner of our human beings, dogs are silently guarding their own masters. Does your family have a puppy? The following small series introduces you to several dogs! Corgi:

There are many different kinds of Corgi dogs, and some of them are raised in the grassland for dry cattle and sheep. The domestic Corgi has many advantages. This is a family that has children. Because the Corgi can be smart and cute.

From childhood, children develop a patient, compassionate direction to develop! The Corgis need our careful care, so those who work overtime can not buy, and when they buy it, they will be confused by the Corgi.


The Huskies are now called us by two, because the Huskies are very second. Friends who have raised huskies know that Erha is very interesting. And its advantages are also as many as the appearance of the Huskies is very beautiful and cold, everyone will see it very much! There is also the ability to see everyone very polite and well-behaved.

Samoyed dog:

The Samoyed dog has a very strong memory, and it is very clear to the owner who keeps it, as well as the residence where he often lives. A little bit of a fool can keep it! Many people who have raised this kind of dog say that it is very strong in the concept of time. Every day when it comes to dinner, it will automatically go to the place where it eats, and remind its owner. Xiao Bian really likes this kind of dog can not afford to buy it!


The poodle is characterized by its intelligence, liveliness, and very close to people. The standard poodle also retains the basic characteristics of a little hound and is good at swimming. The dog is happy and gentle.

It is a very good pet in the family and needs proper activities. If you have spare time to serve, it is a very good watch dog.

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador dogs are suitable for playing with children. Labrador dogs are more docile and very good at getting along with each other. And the Labrador is very sporty, so you need to raise his little friends to buy:

And it is particularly clever and witty. According to the online investigation of the intelligence of the Labrador, the intelligence of the eight-year-old can be reached. And to work hard, the guide dog we often see is actually a Labrador.

Xiaobian looks at so many dogs, Xiaobian is very fond of Labrador and the Husky! I believe that my friends have their own considerations when buying their own dogs. What kind of dog do you like? Welcome to the message below! US

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