Saturday , February 16 2019

Stray kitten about to be official recognition of humanity …… shovel feces trance hit the face, seconds to take home!

Sometimes fate is so wonderful, a Japanese Konami meow been included in shelters, humane disposal when coming

Its future owner happened to see a picture of it, I found a miraculous coincidence, so decided to adopt it!

Little tabby cat Unagi at around 2 large Halfmoon, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan was admitted to a shelter.

Unagi weak side to help shelter the treatment, but also because of laws and regulations on the one hand, in a week after the well-being must be Unagi, so they are very anxious to help it find the owner.

At this particular moment, distant Nvwang “Suzume mother” saw the cat

In the lunch break she happened to find adoptive Unagi advertising, the first time is very surprised, because the kitten with the family of Suzume too, like!

Suzume even once thought that my mother took shelter Suzume childhood photos, but she soon recognize that, only with the Suzume like kittens soon to be disposed of.

She hastened to leave with the company, then take a train to Yamaguchi Prefecture Unagi home.

At that moment she arrived, the staff told her Unagi almost about to be abandoned!After the Unagi take home, Suzume mother soon faced with a problem, that is Suzume will accept a kitten with himself so much like it?

A beginning, Unagi afraid dodging afraid to come out, but Suzume seems to be confused, do not understand how the family will have its own avatar?

But Unagi soon broke this gap, as a kitten it is quite lively, it began to take the stick side Suzume brother, they see to be the place Suzume, it must climb.

Soon, Suzume kitten brother to accept this, it will gently licking hair.

Suzume mother said, Suzume is her adoptive come, when she was sitting at home in the living room, heard the meowing out of the yard to see the Suzume.

Perhaps it is this similar to the past, two cats younger brother cat in order to understand each other.

Now these two cats are not only stick together every day, Suzume will be very conscientious teach Unagi how to become a qualified cat.

With Unagi grow up, it becomes more and more like two, for outsiders, it is hard to imagine that they actually are not blood brothers too!

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