Saturday , February 16 2019

The dog waited for the owner to return in the rain for two days, his eyes filled with helplessness and fear!

The continuous rainy weather brought heavy moisture to Chengdu. At the train station, a white puppy was sitting on the sidewalk of the sidewalk. It looked into the distance and waited for the return of the owner. According to eyewitnesses, this dog has been here for two days, making people look very worried. A dog is like a child who has been abandoned. It sits alone, with a look of hope in his eyes, waiting for the return of his master.

For two consecutive days, it couldn’t see his master. It was the dog who lost himself or the owner deliberately discarded it. No one knows. He only knows that there is a black collar on the dog’s neck, waiting in the rain, as if it was the same year. The movie “Faithful Eight Dogs” waited for the return of the protagonist at the train station. The same scene, the train station, the same story, the owner is gone. The dog is waiting there.

At this moment, people want to help the dog, and they are afraid that the owner of the dog will not see it when he returns. He can only wait for it there. Waiting is painful, time is like doing push-ups, walking very slowly and slowly. The two days may not be too long, but it is very difficult for dogs. If the owner of the dog is to discard the dog, then what is the meaning of it even if it is waiting for 10 years?

The dog’s eyes are full of helplessness and full of confusion. It doesn’t know where his master is, just like a lost child is helpless. I hope that the owner of the dog can come back to take away his child, and don’t leave it alone in this vast sea of people.


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